St Vincents
1507 Magazine Street, New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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Stayed here for two nights 7/13/13 and 7/14/13. The first night we found two bed bugs, one on a pillow and one on the bottom sheet, and I woke up with four bites on my leg. After inspecting the mattress we found that the mattress was wrapped up in heavy plastic and then duct taped which is probably a good sign that they have had past problems with bed bugs in that room. The next night they moved us into a different room where the mattress was not wrapped in plastic but I still found one bed bug

crawling on a pillow and got no bites because I was too freaked out to sleep. Even one bed bug is too many.

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They are spraying today. October 16, 2012. Outta here. Multiple party bites, beds not being rid of as is procedure. The bugs will be back, hostile not being tented.

Stayed here on 3/17/12; woke up with bites 5 on one leg and 5 on that sides arm. The bites got so big and are probably infected. We had 3 nights booked under my friends name; so I said not another night and booked at the Westin. Needless to say I got a good nights rest, but limped for the rest of my trip due to my swollen right side.

INFESTED! Stayed 7/24/11. Should have checked this site beforehand.

Stayed here for one night 5/21/11 in a private room and am now covered in bed bug bites across my arms legs face head etc. Stay here at your own risk!

We stayed at St. Vincents in February 2011 and didn't have any issues with bedbugs. Had I found this site before booking my stay there, I probably wouldn't have gone through with it. In light of that, I thought I'd throw my experience out there.

While there, we talked to some longer-term residents there and they didn't mention any issues, so hopefully they've figured out a routine to keep their property clean.

Ah, the perils of tourism.

Still infested, we stayed there last week and got covered in bites. My husband reacted to them really badly and has rashes all over his body. When we got there I checked the sheets to see if they were clean, they were. In the morning there was a bunch of bloody spots on them. And our bites started showing.
I tried calling the manager to report, she said they were probably flea bites, when I insisted she asked if she could call back later, and I never heard from her again. Obviously it's a re

ocurring problem since she didn't give a damn.
Also, in my friend's room there were 3 gigantic cockroaches under his mattres. He dindn't get bit though, we guess the roaches ate the bedbugs.

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The entire building(s) is infested. It is a large hostel complex and they spray and the bugs just move to an area with less bug spray.