Quality Inn-New Orleans
210 O'keefe Ave
New Orleans, LA

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My wife thought she had found and killed a tick in our room. I took the sheets (which had a little blood on them) and the bug (in a cup) down to the front desk to get clean ones.

The next morning, when we checked out, the person at the front desk apologized profusely and comped us part of our stay. They did seem sincere in their regret.

When we returned home, that evening, my wife found a dozen bites on her body, and I followed suit the next day.

That said, we did like everyth

ing else about this hotel. But, you know, bed bugs.

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We stayed here during Christmas week 2011. We stayed in a room on the 5th floor with 2 double beds. Within an hour of lying down, I was itching like crazy. When I turned on the lights, I discovered I'd been bitten 14 times. Turning over the pillows, I discovered a plethora of bedbugs! We had to go to extreme measures to make sure we didn't take any home with us.

The hotel claimed they had never had bedbugs before, but the room was clearly infested, and it is hard to believe they did not know


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