New Orleans Marriott
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I regretfully stayed at the New Orleans Marriot for one night on November 23, 2013. I woke up at 8:00 am and found a small bug crawling on my pillow. I jumped out of the bed and immediately called the front desk. I was impressed by how quickly the housekeeping manager responded. Three employees came to my room, collected the specimen, and transferred me immediately to another room. A third party declared that it was a bed bug, and the manager proceeded to treat my belongings by putting them in t

he hotel’s freezer for 6 hours. At the time I did not have any visible bites, but nine days later I have found clusters of bites on my arm! Also, after doing some research on the CDC and others’ websites, I am finding that it takes days to kill the bed bugs and their eggs using this method. I had originally thought the hotel handled the manner in a professional way, but now I believe the staff are either ill-informed or do not care about the consequential spread of bed bugs. I am now suffering psychologically from this incident.

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Myself and a work associate were in New Orleans for a convention for work. We spent 4 nights at the Marriott and were very happy with the service from the staff, that is until I found a bedbug when I was packing to depart, the morning of November 19,2013. I took a picture of the bedbug with my phone and then picked up the bug with a tissue and flushed it down the toliet. I then looked the room over to see if I saw any other bugs and took another picture of a antlike looking bug that was crawl

ing on the wall. I did speak with the manager on duty and was assured a through investigation would be done. I explained that myself as well as my co-worker were leaving our suitcases behind to be debugged. The manager did call me later that day and said that Ecolab did an inspection and found no evidence of any bedbugs. Isn't that ironic that every person that has posted here has said that the hotel has said that to each person complaining of bedbugs. Like we go around making this stuff up because we have nothing better to do! I am so happy that I took a picture of the bedbug and have my own evidence, and will make sure that all travel and hotel sites get my review of the Marriott and how they deny any evidence.

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I recently stayed at this hotel for a conference (recommended location with a conference rate). When I arrived in room 1802, I looked over the bed closest to the window (removed the sheet, down bed pad, and moved the mattress off the box spring)and noticed only a very dirty bed skirt which I had the maid working in a room across the hall remove. It was never replaced BTW. As to claims of cleanliness standards, I have no doubt the standards exist. However, training the staff and spot inspections

must no be doing the trick. The baseboards were dirty and there were candy wrappers and crumbs under the chair cushion. Not up to Marriott standards.
I chose to sleep in the other bed which had no signs of bugs that I could see. The day after I returned home my daughter noticed many red dots clustered in threes on my arm. I was really horrified and very afraid that I may have brought them home. More bites showed up the next day.After dealing with the embarrassment, Caladryl lotion and long sleeves in 100 degree heat, I will now take a sleeping bag and garbage bags with me regularly.

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Wow i have a reservation and now IM SCARED. I HAVE THREE RESERVATIONS IN THE UPCO

In response to being contacted by this guest we had room 503 inspected by our certified environmental services company. The inspection came up negative for bedbugs. The guest posting this notice was contacted by hotel management and advised of the findings.

Happy Mardi Gras to US!!!! We stayed last night and have recently returned home to find three bed bugs in our luggage!!! Have not found any peculiar bites yet, however this was the one and only place that we stayed!!! NOT HAPPY I have contacted the hotel however no results. WE STAYED in the RIVER TOWERS in ROOM 503!!!! 02/18/12

In response to the 09/09/11 posting by Monica: Room 1519 was inspected by our certified environmental services company the same day it was reported to us (09/09/11). The report came up negative for bedbugs. The guest was notified of the findings via telephone.

Kevin Osborn, Resident Manager.

We checked in and found a cluster of bedbugs in the curtains and strange stains on the mattress. Room 1519

To Matt, you are not unusual to look for bed bugs when you enter a hotel room, you are smart! I do the same thing. this is what we ALL should do, this is the new way of life in America now that we have this epidemic. another good thing to do is to make sure to bring trash bags and put your suitcase in a trash bag and leave it on the luggage stand. even if a room has the bugs, you have less chance to bring them home on your suitcase, i do this when i travel. sad that it has come to this, but

it has..

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We stayed at this hotel from June 7-12, 2011 for a conference. As I have no experience with bedbugs, I had not thought to look for them and took for granted that I would not have a bad experience. When I had a few bites on me, I thought that they may be mosquito or spider bites. Regrettably, I was wrong and brought them home with me. I now have a problem on my hands that I can't really afford to handle. It's very unfortunate because we really loved the service at this hotel, thus would have want

ed to recommend it and return.

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I found 3 dead bedbugs in Room 818 on 2/2/11. I am a bit unusual in that I always examine the room for bedbugs before I settle in. That night I lifted the headbards off the wall and pulled the beds away from the wall. I used a flashlight and looked very closely. There was 1 small bedbug behind each headboard, both dead. They were about the size of a comma. The most alarming find was a dead adult bedbug in the carpet next to the wall. He was flat, so had not eaten recently. But by his size it was

apparent that he had lived through several meals before he met his end.

I decided I had seen enough, so I called the operator and told her my problem and asked for another room. She was nice and moved me to 3918 (no bugs, I checked). She said housekeeping would inspect the room. I put the bugs on a piece of paper to make it easy for them.

So, it seems that the Marriott must be doing something to kill bedbugs. I hope they undertand the problem and take measures to keep them in check. In the meantime, remember to pack a flashlight when you travel and look behind those headboards!

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Stayed Friday 10/22/10 to Sunday 10/24/10 in room 3026. Woke up Saturday morning with an intense itching and a huge welt behind my knee. Assumed it was a mosquito bite and dismissed it. Returned home Sunday night and noticed several welts on my arms, legs, and back. After reading an article in the newspaper on Monday about bed bugs on the rise in the US, I did some research online. Contacted the hotel Tuesday morning and was assured the room would be inspected. This was an unfortunate incident b

ecause this is a VERY nice and CLEAN hotel. This post is not intended to be negative against the hotel just to make people aware that bed bugs can be ANYWHERE!

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Hotel response:

In response to the posting dated 6/18/10, room 1847 was inspected by our certified environmental services company on June 16, 2010. No bedbug activity was noted during the inspection.

Marriott has the greatest concern and respect for every guest's experience. We take hotel hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. As a result, Marriott has established very strict standards of cleanliness for all its hotels that either meet or exceed public health department regulations, inc

luding pest control. In the unusual event we are made aware of a concern, we respond immediately to the situation and take the appropriate steps to remediate the problem.

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I stayed in Room 1847 for 5 nights, June 6-11. Towards the end of my stay I noticed bed bug bites on my right leg and torso. The last day of my stay I noticed many bites on my feet and ankles. I reported this to the hotel via their website but never received a reply.

We are disputing the reports of bedbugs in rooms 2050 and 2058. Both rooms have been thoroughly inspected by our certified environmental services company (most recently on July 23, 2009). No bedbug activity was found in either room.

Kevin Osborn
Resident Manager
New Orleans Marriott


On the final morning of my stay in Room 2050, I discovered about 8 bedbug bites on the back of my neck and shoulder. I reported this to the front desk clerk and showed them to her. She called Security and the Housekeeping Manager. The security officer took a report but I was not given a copy although I requested one. The Housekeeping Manager offered to inspect the room. He seemed surprised and said "if there are bedbugs, there will be many." I asked him not to come up then since w

e were preparing to leave and running late. Hopefully, he followed up with an inspection after our departure.

Upon returning home, I found a report on this site that a guest in Room 2058 found bedbugs in her room several months ago. The next time I travel, I will be checking this site before a make a hotel reservation.

New York City

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Was laying in bed in room 2058 and watching TV when noticed a bug scrolling on the sheet. I squashed it and found a small spec of blood left on the sheet. Inspected bed and found few more bugs. I collected them, squashed them on the peace of paper and reported incident to the front desk, showing them the evidence. I asked to be switched to another room and person at the desk honored my request and moved me to room 730. I could not sleep all night, kept checking for bugs, thankfu

lly this room was clear.
Next afternoon, after my morning meetings, I contacted Manager Kathryn Hall, and was surprised by the fact that this incident was not reported to her. She informed me that bed bugs were never reported in the hotel before and apologized for the inconvenience. I asked of measures necessary to prevent spreading bugs to my home, and she could not give me a clear answer, just repeated that they never had this problem before. I insisted that bugs had to get into room somehow and I need to know what to do to prevent spreading them. She offered to dry clean my close or reimburse me for dry cleaning. I could not get it dry cleaned in the hotel due to my departure schedule. I am glad I sealed my bag and all close as soon as I got home, internet research indicated that I could have contaminated my residence.
I am planning to throw away all my close and the suitcase.

Aleksey Veselov
Millbrae, CA

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