Le Pavillon
833 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70112

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We stayed there Jan. 10-12, 2014, in a room on the 6th floor and had no issues with bed bugs or anything else. In fact, we loved the place; quiet, clean, large room.

NO BEDBUGS! Stayed in room 809 two times.
August 2012 for 4 days and May 2013 for 4 days.
We are very pleased with Le Pavillon. We found our room very clean and the beds were immaculate (2 queens). I checked everything very carefully when we arrived. I highly recommend this hotel. NO issues at all!

Stayed at LePavillon 2 times during 2011, and Jan 2012 (NO BED BUGS! )

Lovely hotel with fabulous service and NO BUGS! No problem at all with 2 rooms on 5th floor. I was worried & compulsively checked everything (lifting & examining mattress, box springs, throw pillows, curtains, carpet, closet, etc etc) & saw NO evidence of anything. No bugs, no nothing, just a charming hotel & wonderful staff.

Sweet Dreams at Le Pavillion. Stayed August 1-3 and had a wonderful stay. Clean and crisp linens, spotless bath area, wonderful amenities, and excellent air conditioning in the room. Nothing but first class all the way. Two queen deluxe room on second floor near elevator. There were NO problems to report other than our stay not being long enough. You will not find a more hospitable staff anywhere in New Orleans. We strayed once to another nice hotel but Le Pavillon is our home away from home. Al

l others pale in comparison.

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Stayed at Le Pavillon April 14th through the 18th. Memorial Day weekend -- about 6 weeks later -- I started getting bitten and discovered bedbugs beginning to take root in my mattress. I had exterminators come in with a bedbug sniffing dog and the dog barked at the bed, my couch, dressers, and my luggage. Luggage I had not used since New Orleans and Le Pavillon. And luggage I had not used in ages prior.

I can't say at all for certain that Le Pavillon was the source of the bedbugs, I won't mak

e that claim at all. But the room we stayed in was dingy, dark and old. It smelled musty and felt dirty. And the time-line fits that this is where it happened.

As a now savvy bedbug traveller, I would only suggest that anyone staying at Le Pavillon take precaution.

One other thing to note: I called Le Pavillon to tell them what happened. The next day they asked me to send them the receipts for all of my expenses - I wound up spending about $2000 on esterminators, laundry, cleaning supplies, throwing away clothing, etc. I asked them if they'd found bed bugs, but they would neither confirm nor deny. Several days later, I got a call from their insurance agent who GRILLED me; I felt like I was being deposed. I guess it's a liability thing, but I never asked them for money, I only called to tell them what happened and ask them to check the room. If they had found bedbugs, then I would have asked them to pay my out of pocket costs. They sent their insurance agent after me and I wan't very happy about it. When I pressed them about bedbugs in the room, I was told that they did a "visual inspection" of my room - room 431 - and the adjoining rooms. Personally, I don't think a visual inspection is sufficient. And while the staff of Le Pavillon was fantastic, this experience has soured me on the hotel.

Again, I have no direct proof that I got bedbugs from Le Pavillon, but travelers should take precautions. As a now savvy bedbug traveler, I will take precautions with any hotel.

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Just came back from Le Pavillon hotel after a week stay in April, 2011. Had bed bug bites starting the last day of the stay and are just getting over it after fumigating all by luggage and belongings. This hotel definitely has bed bug problems.

I stay at Le Pavillon Hotel 2 times per month. I have stayed on multiple floors and I have never ever seen or have been bitten by a bed bug. This hotel is an amazing facility! Best check your own home before assuming that you got bitten at the hotel.

My Husband and I are covered with bed bug bites!!
We stayed at the pavillion room 809 Dec 23 for 7 NIGHTS and did not have the reactions until the day before we left.Not thinking of bed bugs we didn't report it to the management...
We have travelled all over the world and this is our first miserable experience and hopefully our last!!! I will be calling the hotel directly..
"Happy New year" and it can only get better for us as the itching hopefully goes away :(

My husband and I stayed at Le Pavillon in October 2010 and had NO issues with any bugs, not even a spider.

I stayed at this hotel on 10/11 and checked into room 723. I left the bags near the door and checked the bed closets to the tv for bedbugs (a precaution a friend who frequently travels for work recommended). Found 2 bedbugs (one on the underside of the pillow and one on the underside of the comforter). Called housekeeping and was transferred to the front desk. I was moved and had a very pleasant stay. I don't understand why a prior post stated that they have not treated the hotel - I have n

o way of knowing this one way or the other. I think the best precaution to perform your own thorough check before you commit to the room.

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I stayed at La Pavillion June 30, 2010. (4th floor) I spotted an adult bedbug in my bed. Not knowing what it was, I removed the bug. When I woke up, there were three additional adult bedbugs crawling on the pillows next to me. I notified a staff member in the hallway. From her expression, I knew it wasn't an ordinary bug. The manager came up and checked out the situation. Within minutes the staff moved my things to a new room. At that point I researched bed bugs to see if that is what I

had found earlier that day. Online pictures were identical to the bugs found that day.

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I stayed at the La Pavillon for a Fisheries convention for 5 days 4 nights in August of 2010. On my last night there I saw one adult bed bug (visible unlike the larval stage bed bugs) crawling by my legs. I hadn't really noticed until I identified the bug by referencing it to images online but I had a few big bites on the back of my leg. I notified the front desk and they moved me to antoher room. Unfortunately, they have not treated the hotel since my visit so the Bed Bugs are still there.