Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown
346 Baronne St
New Orleans, LA 70112-1627

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On September 29th, 2013 we checked into our room (room 610 I think) with double beds and everything looked fine. We stayed there for two nights with no problems. However, just a few days after returning home I started getting what I originally thought was a few insect bites. They then started spreading all over my body. That is when my friend who slept on the other bed in our hotel room informed me she started getting the same rash and it was all over her as well. We hadn't seen each other s

ince that trip. That is when we realized it had been bed bugs.

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My sister ,friend and I came to New Orleans for a business trip for me. We were in room # 532My sister and her friend laid down before I did. I laid down later that night. On in the bed for approximately 15 min I beganto itch. I turn over only to see a bug running. I yelled. And jumped out of bed. We began to check both beds. We discovered four bed bug in the bed I was in and two in the bed my sister was in. Itching and scared we calle sprint desk. The gentleman asked me was I sure I told him

yes we got them in a cup. I took them to the front desk to show him. We we moved to 536, my sister and I check the bed but us uncomfortable with the position of the window. We were moved to 620. After settling in there was one on my iPad. I showed my sister. We told the front desk manager who told us we may have travel it with us fro the previous room. I could not sleep all night up watching, itching and afraid to close my eyes.

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I stayed at the Comfort Inn on July 21 and July 22nd in room 612. During the night I was awakened by a severe itching on my right side. My ankle, leg and thigh were effected with the itching. My girlfriend and I checked the bed and spotted a dead bug on the sheets. We also saw blood on the sheets. I immediately went to the front desk and informed the desk clerk on duty of the events and was told that he would contact the exterminator. We were leaving that day at 8 a.m so I have no way of k

nowing what happened. My roommate was not bitten. During the flight home I was extremely uncomfortable with the severity of the itching. By the time I arrived home it was to late for me to see my doctor, however this morning 6/23/13 I promptly went to see my doctor and was prescribed two prescriptions. I intend to contact the Comfort Inn Suite again and inform them once again of the situation. I am still in great distress with the bites and pray the medication will kick in soon. The placed looked clean and well maintained but evidently there was something in the bedding that I missed.

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I stayed in room 536 at this hotel from 5/2-5/6/2013 for Jazzfest and notitced some bites when I was there and even more bites when I got home. I had over 20 bites all over my body. I reported it to the manager who said that no one else had reported any bites which it a total lie as there was another report listed on this site just before mine!

I stayed in this hotel for Jazz Fest 2013. We had 2 beds in our room and it seems like only one had bed bugs because the person in the other bed did not have bites. I and another person however were covered in them and did not notice until the last day. The hotel told me their were no bugs in the room when I called to complain and threatened me with a cleaning fee saying the room was trashed, which is far from the truth. They refused to refund any money or help pay for the pest control I had co

me to my apt when I got home because I was terrified I brought them home with me. I recommend staying away from this hotel at all cost.

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I stayed in Room 514 in the beginning of April 2013 after a day I had bit marks on my right arm and than later had bit marks on my left arm. I never saw any bugs so I did not think anything of this until I got home. It has been a week since I have been home and I still have the bit marks. They itch and I will now be seeing a doctor. I will be calling the hotel to inform them.

5/14/12 room infested with bedbugs, #530. Moved to another floor. Washed all my clothes, no further incidents the rest of the week, but still worried that I brought some hitchhikers home with me.


Found bed bug in my pillow in the morning! Yuck yuck yuck!

Found 1 live bug and 1 dead when pulled sheets down. room 230. Moved rooms. March 31, 2012

We checked in on saterday December 17th and on Sunday morning we found a dead bed bug on the sheets. Later on Sunday I started to itch on my left arm and I had serveral bites on right hand and left arm. My 30 year old son had many bites on his back and arms.His wife has counted more than 100 bites mainly on her back,legs and neck area but they didn't show up until about 8 or 9 days later. The itching is very bad for her and my son.