Days Hotel
3400 S I 10 Service Rd W
Metairie, LA 70001-1933

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I stayed at this hotel from 3/3/13-3/7/13 and also received numerous bites. Unfortunately, I saw a bug the first morning I was there, but I thought it was a tic. After learning more, I relaize now it was a bed bug. Upon returning home, I had numerous bite marks on my arms, legs, and back.

My husband was traveling for business there March 3 2013. His first night in the room he awoke with bites to his neck and arms and both he and the hotel staff found bugs in the sheets of the bed the following morning. The hotel moved his room and comped his visit and apologized profusely. As of now he is looking for a new place to stay and having to make a trip to the pharmacy and the mall for new clothes and suitcase so he doesn't bring anything home with him. We have photographic evidence ....


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