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Derby Eve and there was a visible bed bug on bed when we arrived back after dinner. they were very nice and put us in another room.

I was attending a meeting at the downtown Louisville Marriott on March 8th, 2011 and stayed in room 1616. This was the only hotel I stayed in that week and noticed on March 11th bumps (bite marks) under both of my arms. There were tell tale signs of bedbug bites. I contacted the hotel staff to report that I had confirmed with a nurse that I indeed had bedbug bites and asked them to inspect the room for bugs. I was told that someone from the hotel would contact me, but I never received a call

. I would have thought that I would have gotten a comp for the night's stay, but did not. Very disappointed with the outcome and will not be staying here in the future.

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My Family and I stayed at the the Marriott on April 23, 2010. For the past month I have had bites on my arms and face. I have found bed bugs in my bed now at home, I called All Rite pest control and they have confirmed I have bed bugs. Will have to have my bedroom treated, hopefully I have caught them in time and can get rid of them. We stayed in room #444. Todays date is 05/28/2010. I cannot confirm that they came from the Marriott, but I really don't know how we would have gotten them.

I checked in to room 1042 on July 8. On July 9, I woke up with streaks and dots of blood all over the sheets, pillowcases. I wasn't aware that these were indicators of bedbugs, but had housekeeping change the sheets that day. My roommate checked in on July 9. I saw another couple of dots of blood over the next two days, but again was unaware that bedbugs might be an issue. On July 13, my roommate (other bed in room) woke up with bumps and welts around her face and neck. One of our colleagues at

the conference said it was likely bedbugs, but again we didn't think too much of it until the next day, July 14, when I also discovered welts and bumps around my face and neck. At that point, we went to the front desk to report it, and they moved us to room 1049. We were told that our last two nights' stay would be comped (July 14 & 15), and we were offered dinner on the house that night, but had a conference commitment so couldn't take the hotel up on that one. They sent a staff person to get some calamine lotion for us, and gave us some packets of a hydrocortisone cream. We also spoke with the loss prevention staff person. When we checked out on the 16th, it appeared that all of our internet charges ($12.95 per day) had also been comped, though that is not yet clear as I wasn't given a bill at checkout. I think my roommate's parking was also comped.

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