Galt House Hotel & Suites
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Louisville, KY

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No evidence of Bed Bugs May 18-22 2015 . Stayed at Galt House May 18-22. No evidence of bed bugs in my room. No bites received by bedbugs or any bugs. Room was clean. Was with a group of 6, none of the 6 reported any evidence of Bedbugs or bug bites of any type.

My son and I were just at the Galt House for his 2015 Beta Convention and when we got home we both had a rash and bites. I noticed a couple of arks when I was there but the it was my allergies to the laundry detergent. After a week of being home we found bed bugs in our mattress and had to pay 750 to have our home exterminated by a professional company.
We stay on the 23rd floor in the tower. This is a horrible situation and god only knows how many other families or children took this home wit

h them. I definitely recommend checking your box spring and mattress anywhere you go from now on.

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My daughter went to CIY and came home with
Rash and bites. About a week later, we saw
Bugs We investigated as to what they were avd
Started putting pieces together. We contacted
The galt house who served unconcerned. I have
Defogged avd sprayed and Everytime I think they
Are gone, my daughter wakes up screaming there is
Another. We have shit off that part if the house
Abd she is sleeping on an air mattress on another
Floor. She can not sleep. I cannot sleep. We

e at a loss as to what to do. A
It's 230 I. The morning and my whole house is
Awake because we just found another. We get up
In the middle of the night to look as that's when they come
Out. We keep
Hoping we have been successful I getting then but we have
Not. My kids are afraid of their own home. It's very sad
And I'm not at the angry stage.

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My church had stayed at the Galt House for a convention and my son came home with rash and bites all over his arms and legs. Few weeks later we found small bed bugs on his bed and in his suitcase! Very disgusting!

I was sitting in the bed working on my laptop computer when I looked to my left and noticed a bug crawling on the white comforter. It was brownish/red small beg and upon closer inspection I realized it was a bed bug. I immediately got a tissue and killed it. I then phoned down to the front desk and told them I had found a bed bug in my room and wanted to be moved immediately. A valet came up to my room along with someone from housekeeping and confirmed that it was indeed a bed bug. Needless to s

ay I am disgusted. I am writing this review on the same night I found the bed bug in room 1148. I am now in room 1450. The housekeeping woman inspected my bed and did not find any bedbugs in my new room. However, I will not be able to sleep tonight because I fear there may be bed bugs in my new room. I have a meeting tomorrow for work and I was hoping to get a good night's rest. I would like to go to a new hotel but its late at night. I may want to move to a new hotel for my 2nd night stay. I have stayed in many hotels for business and pleasure and this was my first encounter with a bed bug. This hotel is old and in need of upgrades. I have seen other reports of bed bugs at this hotel on this site. I would never stay here again. I think they should pay for me to move to a new hotel. They only offered to pay for my breakfast> That's an insult. They should shut this hotel down and do a complete renovation. If you see one bed bug in one room they have to be all over this hotel. Disgusting!

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We stayed at the. Galt House two nights ( June 25&26, 2014). My husband had bites on his shoulder which are definitely bed bug bites. We were in room 1619. we just want people to be aware since this apparently been reported many times with NO results from management.

My son stayed in room 1656 on May 25, 2014 after a wedding reception. Three out of four of the boys that stayed in the room had bites all up and down their legs and around the torso. It seemed to be worse for the boys that slept on the couch.

i worked ther at the glat house for 3 years
they have bed bugs bad im talking crazy bad.. and dont care to fix it.. to cheap... they pit the clean dishes buy dirty dishies i seen a few times mices and bugs on the clean dishies and they do not change the anything on bed after used they fix the room and sell it out again....

My husband and I stayed at the Galt House for one night on Nov. 30 after a concert. A few days later I noticed bedbug bites all over my stomach. We went to the hotel and notified the Director of Front desk operations. He was very rude and aggressive to myself and my husband and would not let us make a report. He threatened to have security escort us out and accused me of lying even though I showed him the bites. I refused to leave without making a report so he finally let us talk to securit

y and make a report. I will never stay there again!

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Room 379 had bed bugs in the hideaway sofa. Staff moved us to the 14th floor. Checked all the mattresses and all was well. December 7th 2013. Nasty critters! I hope I did not pick some up on my clothes and bring them home!!! Staff was apologetic, and did what they could. They need to shut the place down and fumigate every room or it will never end.

I stayed at the Galt House for five days during a conference. On the penultimate night, I found a small brown bug climbing inside my shirt while at dinner. That evening I had a very itchy sleep; an early-morning examination of the bed linens revealed one or two tiny reddish-brown smears, another sign of bed bugs. Understandably, I immediately got the heebie-jeebies and kind of panicked. I called the front desk, and they sent up a housekeeper within half an hour. She in turn spoke to her manager,

and while I was at the conference a team of housekeepers carefully examined my room and bedding. I got a call from the general manager to let me know they hadn't found anything, but had swapped out all the linens and bedding anyway. When I got back, I asked if I could change rooms anyway (because I still had those heebie-jeebies), and they promptly agreed, gave me a new room, offered to help move, and again cleaned my original room.

I'm sincerely hoping they were correct and there weren't any bugs at all. Even if there were bugs, I'm impressed by the quick service and kind attention from the staff here at the Galt House, from the housekeepers all the way up to the general manager.

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Saw two bedbug nymphs on tablecloth.during a medical conference may 2012. Yes i know them as bedbugs, as im adn infection control officer in healthcare. Very familiar with all stages of bedbugs, and these were indeed bedbugs...

Previously had entered a report for here. I have to say I had no problems w/the management when I called back to report the problem. They sent me to housekeeping and the lady was very helpful and said she was freaked by the little bloodsuckers as well. Hoping that something was done about it, it's too nice of a hotel for them not to.

Stayed there previously w/no incidents. This past weekend 8-17-2012 through 8-19-2012, stayed for a conference. Two of my children were bitten on arms and legs. I am very careful about bedbugs and checked everything up arrival, had the shoes off of floor, suitcase not on bed, etc., but the kids were still bit. I don't know if the bedbugs came from the room or from one of the conference rooms where childcare was being held, but they came back w/bites on their arms and legs. Hoping I didn't bring

home one of the little critters. I shook out all of the clothes and have begun washing them now. About to go spray the suitcase w/cedar oil just in case.

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Stayed there previously w/no incidents. This past weekend 8-17-2012 through 8-19-2012, stayed for a conference. Two of my children were bitten on arms and legs. I am very careful about bedbugs and checked everything up arrival, had the shoes off of floor, suitcase not on bed, etc., but the kids were still bit. I don't know if the bedbugs came from the room or from one of the conference rooms where childcare was being held, but they came back w/bites on their arms and legs. Hoping I didn't bring

home one of the little critters. I shook out all of the clothes and have begun washing them now. About to go spray the suitcase w/cedar oil just in case.

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stayed Dec 9,2011 didnt see any bed bugs first hotel to stay in but now on Dec 17,2011 my home has bed bugs and has to be treated. not right first time ever in a hotel which is suppose to be one of the best in louisville and you dont get rid of the damn bugs come on how can you do this to people.

Dear Galt House:
I seem to remember things a little differently. No one "sprang" into action. We asked about your bed bug policy, and got no response. As a matter of fact, house keeping insisted this was an isolated incident. As I said in my post, the Galt House did fully cooperate, however, it was at our requests, not your offering. No one bagged our luggage from your hotel; we bagged our luggage ourselves. It is true, as I stated in my post, you provided new clothes to us at no cost and

provided us with a bed bug free room to shower again, but it was completely at our request. Nothing was initially offered except to cover our $15 parking charge; the room was taken care of by a third party. Every hotel is subject to getting bedbugs. I get that. The Galt House is no exception. However, informed consumers should know what to do and what to request when encountering such an incident if they want to avoid bringing the pests into their own homes. I want all who check these websites before staying at a hotel what recent activity has been reported, as well as what to do in case of an incident. I appreciate what the Galt House did do; it made a stressful day a little better. But you may want to spend a little time training your staff how to "spring into action." No one was 'springing' that day. I feel my post accurately, albeit briefly and without "salesy" language, depicts the events that occurred that day. Because of your response to our requests, if I am attending another event in Louisville at the Galt House, I will check this website and others like it and make sure no recent activity is reported, and again stay at the Galt House. It is through this type of communication that consumers can stay informed.

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Stayed on 11/19/2011 for an education conference. Found a bed bug crawling on the wall. Called the front desk, they inspected and found another in the bed. Hotel has been nice to work with, but WE had to do all the requesting. They offered little initially. Bagged everything up up and requested to go get new clothes to go home in at their expense. They fully cooperated. Nothing special, just trying to get home. At home now, bagged nonwashable items and sprayed with Good Night Spray from

Home Depot, and getting ready to take all bagged clothes that were in the room to the laundromat for cleaning before bringing them home to wash in hot water again. Again, the Galt House cooperated, but we had to do the requesting. Don't want to take advantage of anyone, just do not want to have out of pocket expenses for their issue. Bug hassle and horrible day!

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Staying at the Galt House - tonight is September 14th 2011. I woke up at 1:30am with a bed bug crawling across my face. I turned the light on and took several pictures of the bug with ipod which I'm typing from now. I then grabbed it with a tissue and it popped, much like a tick, spreading blood across the tissue. Truly disgusting. I called the front desk to ask if they had a bed bug problem, they said no, they were not aware of any problem. I then google the hotel and bed bugs and find th

is and other complaints. The entire hotel has an odd chemical smell, kind of between chlorine and a fabreeze type odor that smells like what hotels use to eliminate smoke odors. Its definitely a chemical scent. I'm guessing they recently had the place treated and aren't being straightforward about the bed bug problem. I've been traveling extensively for 15 years. This is a first. Disgusting.

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***************************************************regarding Post-Labor Day weekend, 2011... *******

we had 3 rooms, 2 out of the 3 rooms had bed bugs. Great way to ruin a bachelorette party! We even checked a room many floors down and that room had them too! It took the staff FIVE hours to remotely do something about it. Notice we first spotted them at midnight, so we finally got to our new hotel which they DIDN'T pay for at 5am.

I will never stay there again due to their lack of carin

g in regards to a situation like this.

*****Thank you for choosing the Galt House Hotel on your recent visit. We apologize again for any inconvenience that these issues may caused you and guest. For not only yours, but for all our guest assurance we have had professionals come in to follow up on this possible problem and after thouroughly investigating the guest rooms involved, they were unable to confirm any sighting of bed bugs in any of our rooms. With that said, we still understand your distress and upon viewing our records, your stay was completely refunded upon your departure of the hotel. I know that an apology or any type of compensation does not make up for your night being disturbed, but please know that we need and appreciate our guesr feedback. Thank you for time and business, both are greatly appreciated.

Customer Care.

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