Lexington Downtown Hotel
369 W Vine St
Lexington, KY 40507-1615

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I stayed at the Lexington Downtown Hotel on 7/24/2014. We checked in and had dinner and a drink at the bar. The next morning, my friend went to his meeting while I packed the room and went to the gym. After I showered, I had an itchy bite on my leg and I mentioned that whatever bit me, had jaws. I initially thought it was a spider bite. By the time we checked out and started on the second part of our trip, I had about a dozen red itchy bites starting at my thigh down to my calf. The bites

were very itchy and woke me up several times during the night. The next morning, I went to the pharmacy and was told they were bed bug bites. My friend called and spoke with the manager who acted very surprised by the report and said that he checked the room and there were no signs of bed bugs. I then check the bedbug registry and there is another report for the same time. Hmmm.

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My daughter and I stayed at this hotel from July 5, 2014 to July 8, 2014. We had 2 rooms during our stay, side by side as we were there for a basketball tournament and had some players with us. On Monday, July 7th in the early afternoon, while at a restaurant just down the street from the hotel, my daughter while scratching her arm noticed red welts that were very swollen & itchy and also on her hand & wrist...at least 20+ welts/bites along with some other welts/bites on her body. We passed i

t off as Mosquito bites or an allergic reaction to something and carried on our day!! Late that night as we were getting ready to go to bed, I pulled the sheets back & noticed a brown spec on the sheets, upon closer examination it started moving and I realized it was a bug of some type. Initially I was going to grab it with a tissue and flush it but couldn't find a tissue so I grabbed it in the clear ice bag and tied it...this is when I realized that it looked similar to a tick. We called the front desk and the manager on duty along with 2 engineers came to our room. They examined it and advised us "we need to get them out of here", it was a bed bug & they moved us to another room on a different floor and credited that room on our stay. My daughter showed them the welts/bites on her and explained that she had slept in that room too but was sleeping that night in the other room and asked if they could they check it out...since at this point we were a little freaked out & shocked that a hotel as nice as this one had bed bugs. Anyway, they relocated me, checked out our other room and advised my daughter it was ok. The next day (Tuesday) we checked out. On the 3 hour drive home I began to develop red welts/bites on my face, neck, chin and ear. By the time we got home both of us had numerous other bites throughout our body. Upon our arrival home my husband would not allow us to bring anything into our house and we had to strip down in the garage, we discarded everything! I lost thousands of dollars in personal belongings, luggage, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Each day the itching, swelling & redness seemed to be getting worse so 3 days later (Friday), we decided that it was time to go to the Doc. It was confirmed that both of us had been bitten by bed bugs and we were put on prednisone. It's been over 2 weeks since this happened and they are still not all cleared up; some of them are gone, some are scabbed and some have left scars on both of us. I hope that the person who reported the incident below mine could see this since we both were there around the same time. I'm curious what floor/room you were on/in. It appears there may be a problem at this hotel. Like the person below me, I will never stay there again. I am left with financial losses, expenses and scars!! The hotel was only willing to compensate me enough to basically cover our doctor visit & prescriptions, this was an insult to my intelligence. I advise anyone staying in any hotel to research this topic, know how to look for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs before you lay down to go to sleep, these creatures are very smart and sometimes your symptoms may not be visible for several days!! I will never stay in a hotel room again without spraying it down & thoroughly checking it...to say the least, in addition to ruining the end of our trip, this has been a nightmare!!

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I arrived at the Hilton on Vine Street on 7.7.14 to stay for a week on business. On the morning of 7.8.14 I woke up to a bike on my ankle, but I thought that maybe it was a mosquito bite that I had not noticed from the 4th of July weekend. On the morning of 7.10.14 I woke up with bites on my calf, behind my knee, my thigh, and in my groin. I showered dressed and went to to the front desk. I informed the clerk of the incidents and she immediately offered me a new room on a different floor and com

ped my stay for the week. As I was returning from packing my things the Manager informed me that he was having an engineer come to check my room and he would give me a call. @ hours later the manager did call me, and informed me that nothing was discovered to be wrong with my room, but asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I'll spend the night in the new room tonight, but it's not likely that I will ever stay in this Hilton again.

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We stayed at the Hilton Downtown Hotel on 1-11-13 and were placed in a room on the 13th floor. I check every hotel bed as soon as we get in the room and when I did, I found bedbugs near the seams of the mattress (under the mattress pad) at the head of the bed. I picked two up in a tissue and took them to the front desk. We asked to check out of the hotel, and the hotel allowed us to without charging us for the room. We went to another nearby hotel that was bedbug free.

My mother stayed in this hotel on Labor Day weekend for a family reunion. She stayed in room 1113 during her resting time she had awaken up do to biting on her backside. My mother recieved multiple bites she went to her doctor and it was confirmed that it was bed bug bites. She contacted the hotel and spoke with the manager John and he seem to express no concern for what my mother was saying. My mother is a diabetic and a kidney dialysis patient being bit by bed bugs can be serious because they

carry many diseases. Anyway the manager asked for her contact information and now its Oct 7, 2011 and she has yet to recieve a call from this so call manager John.

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