Comfort Suites Fieldstone Way
3060 Fieldstone Way
Lexington, KY 40513-1717

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Bed Bugs in two rooms!

Stayed mid-November and always check for bed bugs just in case. Saw a youtube video on how to check once I got suspicious after finding those little black flecks (their waste products from digested blood) in the creases of the mattress. The youtube video talked about looking behind the headboard (you just lift up to take it off--treat it just like a heavy picture frame). When I did, there were tons of them! I never realized they can live behind the headboard and come ou

t in the middle of the night to feed like that. Surprising because I didn't spot them on the mattress or anywhere else; will always check there from now on.

The manager said the pest control people came out and didn't find any. Must not have searched well enough. Thank goodness I took pictures to prove there were Definitely bed bugs or I may not have received a refund.

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