Travelodge Florence
8075 Steilen Dr
Florence, KY 41042

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This place was so disgusting . Did not even change into our pajamas but stayed in our clothes. The only thing that scared me more than the bedbugs was the drug addicts in the hall.

I've stayed there and it's all true


most of the people there are also human garbage

so who cares, let them rot in filth and die

You know who this is, and I leave laughing

This place is infested with bed bugs and worse part is that management knows about it and don't even care. They will accuse you for bringing them in and will kick you out. What a shame. This whole place look like projects. Drug addicts walking around looking high, people smoking in the hallways. People selling drugs out of there rooms all night long. We were really concerned about our safety and we left. Couple of guest shared the same experience with me and also told me that the Owner/ Manager

"Sunny" is involved in all these illegal activities and a is a part of it. I was not surprised. He even looked like that and acted like one too.
DONT STAY HERE, sleeping in a dumpster would be better than staying at this dump.

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We Stayed at this dump in November 2012. We made sure before we checked in that there were no bed bugs and we were assured that there are none. We took there word and took the room. The room was a disaster, i would rather sleep on a side walk than to stay in that room. We went to the room and checked for any kind of bugs. We pulled the sheets and OMG there they were. It was nasty. Blood stains. We immediately packed the stuff and left. We saw a housekeper and we told her what we saw and she was

like yeah they have this problem in this motel in alot of rooms. So we were lied to as well. I was furiated. We were not given the refund as they said we must have brought them in. Front desk was very rude. I would be calling the health department about this dirty establishment.

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We checked into this motel. OMG the hotel is a disaster. We were told the hotel is remodelled and everything was new including the Mattresses. AS went in the room, the first thing we checked is for bed bugs. We pulled the covers down there were EVERYWHERE. We were so disgusted as there was some blood stains on the sheets. The whole room was just YUCK. WE left right away. We took couple of bugs with us in a cup to show to the front desk. The manager was very rude and accused us for bringing us in

.We were refused the refund, even though we were in the room was 10 min.
Later on we found out that this hotel as a long history with bed bugs and was even on news for it.
Dont go there

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I checked in February 17 and stayed there for a flight the next morning. The next morning I went to the bathroom and noticed a full grown bedbug in the dry bathtub. It had not eaten (it wasn't full of blood) and I haven't found any in my belongings since. It's interesting that I have been instructed to put my luggage in the bath tub if I'm in a hotel suspected of having bedbugs. Maybe hang them in the closet.

My wife and my self checked into the Travelodge at about 6:00 pm on the 12th of January 2011, room 128 on the 1st floor. We never stayed at many hotels so as far as checking the mattress we did not, at about 03:00 am on the 14th of January we woke up, my wife also and I was sitting on a chair and seen this huge bug on my wife's pillow, I smashed it, blood, I began checking the mattress and found others, and blood spots, and streaks of blood on the sheet where I was laying. I had my camera and to

ok pictures. I got dressed and at about 5:00 am I went and got the night manager, "Robert" brought him to the room and showed him. He didn't seem surprised, and said that they would close off rooms on each side of 128. He asked what I wanted to do, I said you need to call the owner, and I was going to report the bugs to the health department. He said he would call the owner at 0600 am, I said fine, I hac friends that showed up at 0300 am and they had rooms up on 2nd floor, I let them know, they seen blood spots on their mattres. The night manager called the owner at 06:10 am, Robert the night cleark said to me that his dad was a exterminator and told him he had better never bring those bugs to his home. So they were aware of the bugs. The owner gave me a refund, but would never come down to the office to settle with us all (5) of us and he lived in the Hotel.We my wife and I had never had such a expierence as this. We drove back to home in Michigan, Stripped our cloths and everything in the garage, and took showers, bagged our cloths and shoes, we put the cloths in the dryer for high heat for one hour, then washed them, but we still itch from the thought, so it will be a while before we get over this.

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Arrived at hotel late in evening, Sept. 26, 2010. Was given room on second floor, #201. Inspected the mattress and box spring as advised to do when travelling. There were blood spots on the box spring and a dead bed bug. The actual mattress had a partial ill fitting plastic cover on it which I did not pull off as there was dried blood on it and I did not want to touch it. This blood I don't think was from bed bugs but just very poor housekeeping by this hotel. When I refused to stay and re

quested my money back (which they gave no problem), the receptionist did not seem that surprised when I reported what I have found.

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