Motel 6 Florence
7937 Dream St
Florence, KY 41042

Found 5 reports:

7/19/2014 we found a total of 6 bedbugs. One was crawling on my pants while i was laying in bed, one was craeling in the other bed on the sheets and 4 were crawling out from underneath the bed. They refused to give us a refund !!! Total filth! This place needs to be reported to the health deparment and every news channel and shut down!!!

I've stayed there and it's all true


most of the people there are also human garbage

so who cares, let them rot in filth and die

You know who this is, and I leave laughing

I caught and killed a bedbug that was walking across the sheets on 12/30/11.

We stayed here late on 10/28/2011. might have been early the 29th. I was bitten on the arms and one leg. I did not think to tell the manager but will e mail them. My husband was not bitten. The bites were incredibly itchy and one area became a swollen red painful mass. I have received no further bites since then and did not sight any bugs.

I stayed their september 20th 2009 and I woke up with bites on my feet back and fingers . I told the manager and she refunded my money. Im home now and the bites just wont stop itching . I stayed in room 230

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