Knights Inn Florence
8049 Dream St
Florence, KY

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September 23, 2014

Beware of bed bugs! I should have known better to stay here but being the cheapest around, I now know why. I woke up burning and itching so bad. I jumped up and turned the light on and sure enough I was covered in bed bug bites. I found a clear baby bed bug that you can clearly tell just got done feeding on me. It's a shame, disgusting, and now I not only have to bag all my stuff up but I have to put forth the money to treat everything that was brought into this room. Incl

uding myself. Winds up staying here was not my cheaper option.

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I've stayed there and it's all true


most of the people there are also human garbage

so who cares, let them rot in filth and die

You know who this is, and I leave laughing

Stayed there last night 4/20/2013 from first glance the room did not look bad but it was late and I was tired from driving all day so i just wanted to sleep. It wasn't until about an hour after i left the hotel i started scratching uncontrollably all over i had bed bug bites BAD!! I am all swollen! I cant believe this place can even stay open with an infestation this bad- so let this be a WARNING...this place has BED BUGS***DO NOT STAY HERE***

04/04/2013. Bedbugs, bedbugs, bedbugs. We had non refundable airlin tickets, and wanted to arrive at airport relaxed and rested. We stayed here one night for 9 hours to be close to the airport to catch and early plane. Saw to bedbug babies and an adult duing night. I was shocked as had never seen a bedbug. But checked on the internet. Went to Walmart in middle of night and got alcohol and sprayed and sprayed suitcases, clothes, shoes, etc. and bagged in heavy duty trash bags, and put in truunk o

f car. Also brought a towel at Walmart because theirs looked bad, and I was afraid it had bedbugs. By the way they only provided one towel, and the shower was just a stream of water. Bathed in the shower and washed hair with alcohol. (Note we had taken our luggage into the room when we arrived, as it's not a good idea to leave things in cars, as one never knows when they could be broken into. I did set luggage on wood table etc.) I frantically, sprayed and packaged things in plastic. Barely made it to the airport. Left clothes worn in hotel room and sleepwear in car in plastic bags and some other things. Sprayed ourselves with alcohol at airport packing lot, even though we had sprayed car seats, due to my driving to Walmart in car after being in room. I was motified. Washed everything at relatives home when we got there, keeping it all in plastic bags in yard until washed and dried. We sat in the yard fo hours, until I had washed and dried lothing to cahnge too, then showered and changed. Rest sprayed with alcohol and kept bagged in their garage along with luggage. Couldn't wear suit becase it was dry cleaned only. Flew back and am now washing everything before we bring in. Can't use car or stuff in it like luggage, shows, belt, pocketbook, etc. until temp is over 122 degrees. They ruined our trip. I lost so much sleep that night and was so stressed I got sick. Now my husband found 6 bites, and does not know if they are from hotel or later in which case they have contaminted at least the car. Called Wyndham, that is over Knight's Inn and they said someone will get back to me. Really! People are being exposed to this nightmare everyday at that hotel. They should be closed. It is outrageous. And if you read up one this hotel at, it has which numerous complaints. They had to know, and are willfully exposing people to this. This was a nightmare, and I pray our exhausting efforts, will prevent us bringing it home or to our relatives. We are physically and emotionally exhasuted, as will as motified. They ruined what was to be a beautiful trip to see a first grandbaby. Endangered our relatives hoem and ours, and the car.

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My family and I choose this place as our home for the time being.. little did we know they have bed bugs!! They have told us to get the spray from stores!! This is our home and they didn't tell us and did not know about it having bed bugs also! so please for your families sake do not stay here. This is my only option to provide a place for my family to stay! I have reported this so please take caution if you stay here!!

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