Hampton Inn Cincinnati Airport
7393 Turfway Rd
Florence, KY 41042-1356

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My fiance and I stayed here on Friday June 20th, 2014 and found bites all over our body the next day. We never physically saw any bugs (just bites).

June 2012. Room 116, no sign of bed bugs when looked at sheets, but within two minutes after getting into bed one crawled out of the sheet onto my arm. I put it in a piece of paper and took it down to the front desk. They refunded our money for the night and moved us to the third floor. I just wonder if the cleaning ladies can un-knowingly spread these from room to room.

Checked in on 11/4/10. Checked for bed bugs and could not see any. At 3:00 am Monday 11/7/10, woke up with bed bugs crawling over my night gown & in other areas of my body. I was totally traumatized. Called the front desk & they took that night off my bill. I threw out my nithtgown & undies,took a shower and went down to have coffee when they opened downstairs while waiting for my husband. I could not stay in the room. When we got home, I did not sleep at all in my own bed. I have nightmar

es & keep feeling those things crawling all over my body. I am still doing laundry and have bagged our luggage with bug spray. It will be a long time before I stay in a hotel again. I have family in FT Mitchell, My cousin in law works for the Hilton there in
Florince, but reservations could not accomodate us there & put us in the Hampton. I am really mad & upset. Don't ever recommend this place again! It was also more expensive than the Hilton! The only thing good I can say is that the staff was nice.
Margaret D. Hill

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