Holiday Inn Express Campbellsville Hotel
102 Plantation Dr
Campbellsville, KY 42718-7894

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I went to bed around midnight and around 2:00 AM, I was awakened by severe itching on my right arm and hand. I immediately got out of bed and turned n the light and my fears were confirmed...I had several red and swollen "bumps" on my arm and hand. I then inspected my mattress and found several dark spots which looked like black ink. I knew it was bed bugs. I then checked the bug registry website and indeed found a recent report of bed bugs at this place. Man, I wish I had checked this out

BEFORE I decided to stay here!!!

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Woke up and found bite marks on my stomach as well as my hands and arms. Looked at pictures on internet and realized that the marks were identical. The bites were in pairs of three bites for the most part which is consistent with the pattern they use. Flipped over the mattress and found black "ink" marks all over the sheets and actually saw one bug crawling on the boxspring. I dropped it and ran out of the room. Mgmt. stated they had never had this problem but it was obvious they had been t

here for a while. They also seemed very confident in dealing with these bugs as they immediately brought me plastic bags, told me they had to seal off the room so they didn't spread and provided me with a very good discount.

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