LA Quinta Inn
1953 Mel Browning St
Bowling Green, KY 42104-0311

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Arrival: 7/22/13
Departure :7/23/13
We decided to spend the night in this hotel. Looked clean so we stayed.
Two people slept in separate beds. We both ended up getting
Bed bug bites. Me, 17 on my left arm, 4 on my left arm 4 on my face and neck within 24 hours. My partner started to show similar signs a couple days later. My signs showed up within 24 hours by the time I got home. I had no idea what this was. After doing the research we found out bed bugs.
Why we are sure, is bec

ause a government website description about a tell tale signs were matching with our hotel experience, blood marks, exoskeleton left behind by the bags between the sheets. I should have taken a picture but neither one of us knew what that was.

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