Hyatt Regency Wichita
400 W Waterman St
Wichita, KS

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I started feeling an itchy rash on my legs the first night I crawled in bed and assumed it was heat rash. I knew nothing about bed bugs I didn't think to inspect the mattress, drawers, and other hiding places. This continued each night leaving red itchy marks all over my body.

The same thing continued after I returned home. My doctor conformed the marks to be bug bites, most likely bed bug or flea bites according to the pattern. I called the Hyatt to report this to the General Manager who

contacted me the following week with "good news". He declared that a reputable inspection company examined the room where I stayed for several hours and found nothing. I asked him to email me the inspection results with a contact from the company, but it never came. More disturbing, he repeated several times that I probably brought the bugs with me, possibly from the airplane. But my doctor and local extermators all assert that's impossible, that any bed bugs I brought in for several nights would have surely infested the room and been discovered by the hotel manager's "inspection company" had there been an inspection.

Either way I was lied to, mostly likely because the Hyatt doesn't want to be liable for the infestation that has destroyed our lives and wasted a fortune on treatments that aren't working. The number and size of the bites are increasing each night and have infested every room of the house.

Because I was lied to and now my family is suffering, please think twice before risking your sanity or worse on this hotel or any other Hyatt.

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