Westin Indianapolis
50 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN
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Well, I am an entomolgist for an out of town pest control firm. Before I settle in any room when I travel, I preform a very thorough inspection,I even bring my own flashlight. Upon inspecting the bed I found blood staining on the actual matress. Continuing on with the inspection I lifted up the box springs and there was an exoskelton and fecal matter on the gauze portion of the boxsprings. After pulling the gauze back I saw a live juvenile instar bed bug retreating towards the wood portion of th

e box springs. I reported this to the front desk and they were very quick to move me to another room. These days it makes you wonder if a free breakfast is enough compensation for this problem. I was fortunate to find this problem before I was bitten but let me tell you, I didn't sleep a wink that night worrying. I think the hotels are the ones we should feel sorry for because of the finacial burden they are about to be hit with. Pest control programs exist that can help this problem if someone is interested.

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