50 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204-3406

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April 24-26th staying in Indianapolis on business.
I stayed in a double room on the 4th floor.
Only slept in one of the beds, both nights.
On returning home I discovered I had about 30-40 bites on my body. Most on arms and hands, some on face, neck, torso and legs.
I researched bed-bug bites online and saw that the pictures were very consistent with mine. Went to the Dr and he confirmed.
I called the hotel first thing. The manager was very polite and professional. He said he did a per

sonal inspection, and found nothing. Then they called in Orkin, but they said they found nothing either.
This really irritates me as it is clear to me that these are bed-bug bites, and that I got them from the hotel.
I can provide photos if necessary.

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