Jw Marriott-Indianapolis
10 S West St
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2709

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Stayed there for a conference in Sept 2015 and found multiple bed bugs. They did a report after we left confirming the room was infested.

Just came back from a conference held mostly there may 26 to May 29. One of my colleagues had more than 30 bites reported to hotel may 28. Management agreed it was definitely bed bugs didn't allow him back into his room ,dry cleaned his clothes and put him in another room. Next day they sent him message confirming that his bites were indeed due to bed bugs

Really surprising in such a new hotel but then again as a huge conference hotel they have guests coming in constantly from all over th

e world

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I was at this hotel one night for a conference and woke up in the morning with bites on my neck, chin, and arms. At first I wasn't sure what they are but clearly they are bites - they are still itching.

Had a one night visit, didn't see any bugs when checking room. I woke at 5 am with multiple bites on my ankles. Still itching days after we left.
Had bites inspected, confirmed bed bug bites.

Yes I was very pleased with management response. Scott was concerned, professional and proactive.

My name is Scott and I’m the general manager of the JW Marriott Indianapolis. This guest informed us of her suspicions of bed bugs, and we acted immediately. The room was thoroughly inspected by professional pest control experts, and was found not to have any evidence of bed bugs. I spoke with this guest by phone and I believe she was very pleased with the way that we followed up with the situation. We take allegations of bed bugs very seriously and are committed to guests having a safe a

nd secure stay.

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Stayed here from May 18 to may 22 2013. Saw bug crawl across library book while reading in bed. Thought it was a local version of the ticks we have at home since we had been out hiking during the day. Flushed it without reporting it. I regret that now as I am covered in bites. Arms and stomach. Itchy red three in a row. I am extremely uncomfortable. .

This is a new hotel, stayed there during a conference on 8/22-26, 2011. Checked the mattress and all the bedding and saw NO indication of any problems. Staff and service were excellent at this hotel.