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BED BUGS Holiday Inn Express Indianapolis-Southeast

I had reservations for the Holiday Inn Express Indianapolis-Southeast on Sat, May 16th 2015. We arrived in the late afternoon, checked in, and went for a swim. We had a busy day planned for the next morning so my husband and children went to bed. I am a night owl, so I stayed awake. When I went to bed (around 2 am), I pulled back the covers and found bed bugs. There were bugs crawling on our pillows and my family. These bugs ranged in size

from about the head of a pin to the size of a grain of rice. I was hysterical. I cried. I screamed. I shook uncontrollably. I immediately took the pillows to the front desk and gave them to the night manager. He informed me that there were no other available rooms, so I would have to stay in the bug infested room. Even his young daughter, who had come there to play, saw the insects.

That Monday the customer service representative called me to talk to me about what had happened. At first, he was kind. He apologized a hundred times. They told me that the room had been closed and sanitized. I even wrote “bugs’ in giant letters at the bottom of my check out form so they couldn’t deny that there were bed bugs. I went through Expedia and got a refund for the night’s stay. That’s how the nightmare began.

My husband had bites all over his body so severe that he had to get a steroid shot as well as antibiotics to fight them. I also had bites on my feet and ankles. I called the hotel to request reimbursement for the medical bills. They ignored my calls. They ignored my emails.

I lived in a state of perpetual terror, afraid that we might bring the bed bugs into our home. I threw out our luggage from that night, clothing items, even souvenirs from our trip in an attempt to keep my home from becoming invested. When I contacted the hotel about covering some of the costs, I was ignored.

The unthinkable happened. We brought the bed bugs from the hotel into our home as a direct result of their failure to maintain basic standards of habitability. In the weeks that followed, I slept one or two hours a night if I could. The constant stress of knowing they were there drove me insane. I found myself checking, double check, triple checking on my children all night. I couldn’t leave the house for fear of taking the bedbugs with me, but I hated being in that space with the crawling vermin. It drove me to the point I considered suicide to make that crawling feeling on my skin go away. I sought professional help for my anxiety.

More weeks passed. All of my calls and emails were ignored. I tried to appeal to the corporate level. They told me that because Holiday Inn is a franchise, that they had no power to help me. They would not force the owner to talk to me. They would not investigate. I had an exterminator out to my home. The company heat treated everything, yet still I didn’t feel safe. I was a prisoner of my own fear. Still, the company completely shut me out. They hoped that if they made the jump through enough hoops, and waste enough time, that I would break and fade away.

I tried going through the insurance company. Liberty Mutual drug their feet. I went above their head to get them to finally admit that my claim had been denied. The reason? They didn’t close the room. They now claimed there were no bed bugs. They claimed they didn’t see anything despite the witnesses. They rented that same bug invested room the very next night and every night after. Even though they had seen the bugs with their own eyes, they still knowingly endangered other people and other families just so they wouldn’t have a record of a professional extermination.

That’s called negligence. If you or someone you know stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Indianapolis-Southeast in the month of May, I urge you to reach out to me. Maybe my testimonial can help you in your legal proceedings. If nothing else, PLEASE, protect your family. NEVER stay at Holiday Inn Express Indianapolis-Southeast. Don’t stay at ANY Holiday Inn. They are committed to their own bottom line, and they will endanger your loved ones by ignoring blatant health problems.

I have to come to terms with the fact that they will probably get away with this because they are a large company, and I am just one traumatized woman. All I ask is that you share this message, and help me save other people from cruelty and torment that was inflicted upon me. And again, please, for the love of God, don’t stay here.

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October 4th 2014

Holiday Inn Express. Victory Dr- Indianapolis
Unfortunately we didn't see the bugs at first check. In the morning we found them crawling on the bed. We booked through Expedia so Holiday Inn couldn't refund our money. After several hours on the phone, someone from Expedia refunded that nights fee. Meanwhile, at the front desk in the morning, the clerk was lying to another couple by telling them that they hadn't had an incident recently. My husband enlightened them to our sh

ared plight. They were staying on the 4th floor, but we were staying on the 3rd floor. I feel safe in assuming that they are infested on each level of the hotel due to the room keeping carts at the very least. Disappointing that the clerk lied to the other couple in the lobby. The other couple were healthcare professionals so they understand the protocol and are taking the necessary precautions as well.

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We stay in room 308. At first the room seemed nice. It appeared to be clean. I did a quick check of both double beds for bugs, I looked at the mattresses, the head boards, and between the sheets. Less than two hours later, I found a bed bug crawling towards me in the sheets and began to check the room more closely. I then found another one crawling up the wall near the bed above the line where the carpet meets the wall. We left the hotel immediately without spending the night.

When we comp

lained to the management, they said they would give us a 25% refund to appease us even though we left immediately after finding a bed bug in the bed without spending the night. They also said that this refund would be contingent upon our silence about the subject. We declined the offer.

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Stayed here 5/2/14 room 418. A friend woke up with bites on her back and forehead. We found someone's shoes in the room from a previous guest so it was evident that the room had not been thoroughly cleaned. I hope they take our concern seriously and get the problem addressed.

Room 330, 8-15-13 Stay


I woke up to blood on the pillow, bed bugs every where I wish I could post pictures, the staff offered me to sign a waiver to not tell IHG Customer relations and to not post anything on the web about my experience. I did not sign the waiver he can have my $120.00, it would be a huge disservice to not let people know what kind of condit

ions these rooms are kept in. Bed bugs can be costly and to not let a family know of this is a crime to humanity.

I was told that they treated the bed bugs themselves with steam. The manager told me that I should place my luggage in the trunk the heat will kill off any bugs, WHAT! This is the kicker, the manager knew the room had BED BUGS! Please check the room and ask if the room has ever been treated for bed bugs

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Stayed in room 120. Unfortunately we did not realize until the morning it was completely infested with bed bugs! We both had bites and blood on the sheets and I caught many bugs that were filled with blood. They were crawling on the ceiling and walls and all over the sheets and pillows. It's is a wheelchair accessible room.
The manager offered to reimburse the room charge only if I signed a waiver not to contact guest relations or post anything on the Internet. I would not sign

and contacted corporate customer service which they were very glad I called to report this. Hopefully they will completely correct this situation so no one else has to wake up to this horrible feeling. I hope no bed bugs are hitching a ride back to my home either!
Also the manager said he wasn't aware of any other complaints but I see here of earlier posts.

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Stayed one night here on the third floor. I had checked the mattress and found no evidence of bed bugs. Woke up this morning and seen one crawling across the ceiling. Don't know where it came from?

I checked in on a Friday evening. While Watching TV, I saw a bed bug crawl across the bed. When I reported this to the front desk, I was given a piece of paper that said if I wanted a refund, I was not allowed to contact Guest Relations, and that it was mutual. I felt that if I did not sign the paper, I would not get my refund. When I went back to my room to gather my belongings to leave, I saw another one crawling. It was awful!!!!!!!!

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