Holiday Inn Express Indianapolis - Southeast Hotel
5302 Victory Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46203-5951

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Stayed here 5/2/14 room 418. A friend woke up with bites on her back and forehead. We found someone's shoes in the room from a previous guest so it was evident that the room had not been thoroughly cleaned. I hope they take our concern seriously and get the problem addressed.

Room 330, 8-15-13 Stay


I woke up to blood on the pillow, bed bugs every where I wish I could post pictures, the staff offered me to sign a waiver to not tell IHG Customer relations and to not post anything on the web about my experience. I did not sign the waiver he can have my $120.00, it would be a huge disservice to not let people know what kind of condit

ions these rooms are kept in. Bed bugs can be costly and to not let a family know of this is a crime to humanity.

I was told that they treated the bed bugs themselves with steam. The manager told me that I should place my luggage in the trunk the heat will kill off any bugs, WHAT! This is the kicker, the manager knew the room had BED BUGS! Please check the room and ask if the room has ever been treated for bed bugs

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Stayed in room 120. Unfortunately we did not realize until the morning it was completely infested with bed bugs! We both had bites and blood on the sheets and I caught many bugs that were filled with blood. They were crawling on the ceiling and walls and all over the sheets and pillows. It's is a wheelchair accessible room.
The manager offered to reimburse the room charge only if I signed a waiver not to contact guest relations or post anything on the Internet. I would not sign

and contacted corporate customer service which they were very glad I called to report this. Hopefully they will completely correct this situation so no one else has to wake up to this horrible feeling. I hope no bed bugs are hitching a ride back to my home either!
Also the manager said he wasn't aware of any other complaints but I see here of earlier posts.

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Stayed one night here on the third floor. I had checked the mattress and found no evidence of bed bugs. Woke up this morning and seen one crawling across the ceiling. Don't know where it came from?

I checked in on a Friday evening. While Watching TV, I saw a bed bug crawl across the bed. When I reported this to the front desk, I was given a piece of paper that said if I wanted a refund, I was not allowed to contact Guest Relations, and that it was mutual. I felt that if I did not sign the paper, I would not get my refund. When I went back to my room to gather my belongings to leave, I saw another one crawling. It was awful!!!!!!!!

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