320 N Senate Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1708

Found 3 reports:

Stayed in room 304. Woke up to bites on my neck, ankles, and arms. Researched the bites and they were similar to the images online. The bites consisted of a continuous itchy sensation. I will have my medical doctor view these bites and do not plan to stay at this hotel ever again. Disgusting!!! I try my best to be clean and careful--knowing that I have never had to deal with a situation of this manner before. I plan not to be put under theses conditions ever again.

Dec 3rd, 2013 I woke up in the morning and took a shower. My arm itched and some welts were rising. By mid-day the bedbug bites were obvious. Wow! They are uncomfortable for a long time. Called the Marriott hotel and told them to check room 214. They called back and said there were no bedbugs found. There is nowhere else I could have gotten these things. They would not recheck. Marriott corporate was just as unresponsive. Evidently I am the problem. Proof of bedbugs is the victim's responsibilit

I hope that I never treat my customers as rudely and cavalierly as the Marriott treated me.

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Report to MCPHD.

December 19th-20th.

Woman from Elkhart, IN reported that she was bitten all over by bed bugs. Reported incident to hotel staff and recorded images. Complainant also sought medical attention.