Microtel Inn
3301 Plaza Ct
Elkhart, IN 46514-6715

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This has to be one of the cleanest hotels.No bed bugs.

My family and I stayed at the Microtel and when I was going to bed I pulled the sheets back and saw a bed bug crawling on the sheets. I trapped the bug and showed the manager. We had to change rooms and then they charged us for requesting a change of room. My mom who stayed in another room had bites on her and when she showed the manager they just said it was a rash and sent the "maintance" guy to check the room and he said there was nothing found after ONLY looking for 10mins. The manager argue

d with my family about there not being any bugs and were unwilling to help in anyway. My mom and I are both nurses and we know the signs and symptoms of bed bugs and the true danger they cause.

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1/18-1/20 -The room smelled like a french whore house when I entered it for the first time. A few days later I broke out really bad. I went to the doctor. She came to the conclusion that it was bed bugs.

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