Illinois Beach Resort Center
1 Lake Front Dr
Zion, IL 60099

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I was a guest the weekend of Oct 11, 12 and 13. I have never been bitten by a bedbug--in fact never thought about it. I had a nice clean room and was sharing a double room on the first floor of the resort. The room was clean and the sheets were very fresh and crisp. When I woke the first day, I had a painful and itchy red bit on my left wrist that I assumed was a small spider bite. I tend to have allergic reactions to bites and this one swelled quite a bit and felt more like a bee-sting dur

ing the day. I basically ignored it. The next day once again, just as I woke , I felt the same thing on the back of my shoulder, only this was even worse and there were four bites in a row. It was incredibly painful and itchy. Before leaving, I pointed the bites out to the manager and told him he should have that room checked. Once I returned home, I started doing research and determined they were bedbug bites, thanks to my friended who also had a look. Apparently one of the signs is that bedbugs often bite three times in a row... Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I understand how important it is to check lodging on this registry before making a reservation. I was pretty miserable with just those four little bites for about TWO weeks. I am allergic, but many others are too-- especially children and older people. Once I returned, I washed all my clothes with HOT water and a HOT drier, and took my luggage to a car was. UGH.

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