Alpine Inn
4404 E State St
Rockford, IL 61108

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Checked in on a Sunday night (3 Feb 2013) fairly late, ground-floor room. Gave the bed a casual once-over for bugs, didn't see any. About an hour later, saw one bug crawling right on top of the bed. Took care of it immediately, checked the bed again more thoroughly, still didn't see any more. Decided the one bug probably got left behind by a previous occupant or something, so figured I'd give the place a chance instead of fleeing the property at once. Stayed 5 nights in succession, saw no other

bugs that whole time (and I was checking the bedclothes at least once each night), don't seem to have had any bites. Still not sure where the solo bug came from--maybe transferred from another room when the laundry was changed?

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