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My husband and I were watching TV in bed with the lights off the day before Thanksgiving. All of a sudden, my husband jumped out of bed, turned on the light, and said that there were 2 bugs crawling near him. Then I hopped out of bed, and discovered that there was one crawling on my side as well. After killing all 3 bugs, I looked up bed bugs on the internet, and the pictures I found exactly matched the bugs that we had seen on the bed. We called down to the front desk moved all of our belonging

s and a sleeping toddler to a different room and were told that we would receive a discount on our stay. After inspecting the bed, we saw no signs of the bugs in that room and completed the remainder of our 3 night stay.

When checking out, I wanted to make sure that they remembered to include the discount we were promised, and when I mentioned something, the manager rudely told me that they had "investigated" the room we had been in and didn't find anything. She then proceeded to argue with me, insisting that "you can't see bed bugs". We basically felt like the manager was accusing us of lying just so we could get a discount (which was only 50% off of our first night). We never received any sort of apology from the manager, and the way we were treated at checkout infuriated me more than the fact that we found bed bugs in the first place.

Next time (if there is a next time), I will know that I need to keep the dead bugs to show to hotel management in order to be taken seriously.

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