Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago
65 E Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60605

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We stayed here for a week from August 27 until September 3, 2012. We checked everything upon arrival and found no bugs or evidence of them. No incidences for the whole week. I wouldn't hesitate to book there again.

Stayed from 5/25/2012 to 5/28/2012. I was aware of the bed bug issues from reviews, so I tried to prepare myself for possible bed bug encounter. Upon arriving and checking into a room on the 5th floor (all the way to the left once exiting the elevator), I placed all my luggages in the bathroom while I inspected the room for bed bugs. I didn't seem to see any, but just to be safe I sprayed the entire bed and surrounding area with an all-natural bedbug spray before going out to buy some water. Upo

n returning to the room, I pushed the linen and blankets aside so that I was sitting on the white bed sheets, I saw a bed bug crawling out of the blanket. I quickly jump off the bed, took all my belongings and went downstairs to request a room change. The staff at the hotel was nice and gave us a free upgrade to a suite, but on the 6th floor, only 1 floor above, along with 2 breakfast vouchers. However, the new room was just as dated as the first room. Even with everything except for the bed sheet and 1 pillow removed from my bed, I was still too scared to fall lay down to sleep. I ended up sleeping in the tub for 3 days. Upon returning home, I immediately did laundry and quarantine everything.

In general, the beds in the rooms we were in were old and stained. Carpet and bedding were dark brown/red, making it very hard to spot for bed bugs.

The staff at the hotel only apologized and changed rooms for us, but didn't comment on how this situation will be dealt with.

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i stayed in the Travelodge from o8.28.2011 to 08.30.2011 and at first i thought it was a moskito bite on my feet. Next day i went down to Saint Louis and my hole legs + arms were full of bites.
So i went to a doctor who gives me a shot and cream for 175,00 $. I reportet it to the management but i got no answereven today. Now i call my lawyer.

My husband and I stayed in Room 509 on Aug. 20 - 23, 2011. I was bitten the 1st night by a bug (at that time I did not know it was a bed bug) and advised the staff about it. Reception said they would send housekeeping. We waited for housekeeping on the 2nd day and night but they did not show up. We fell asleep waiting but woke up in the morning with incremental bug bites on my body and this time we found the biggest bed bug ever in the bed and killed it. Took pictures and we immediately pack

ed up and left the room. The front desk upgraded us to a suite on the 16th floor for our last night. All night, I was awake and petrified to sleep and was busy dealing with all the horrible bites on my arms, ears, neck and legs with calamine lotion and all other insect bite ointments I could find as the itching is horrible! And now, we can't stop checking if we took any with us to our home or fear of eggs hatching. When we got back to our home state, we had to quarantine everything we had brought to Chicago (luggage, clothing, books, etc. ) and treat them with bed bug insecticides. The clothing we had with us needed to be washed several times. The horrible itching did not stop until the 2nd week. And now, I'm dealing with taking care of the scars! I suggest you call this hotel first to check if they have dealt with the problem but regardless, from now on, always inspect for bugs!

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I stayed here Sept 19-23 2010 with my family and had seen or felt any bugs of any kind. The infestation must be as recent as the other post.

I stayed at this Travelodge, 65 E.Harrison, Chicago on October 4 & 5, 2010 I was supposed to stay one more night but becuase of the bed bug problem I left and paid for another hotel. I was bitten and had swollen red patches on my arm (4-5 areas), my neck, my cheek. They were very itchy, large red blothes, the size of a dime.

I notified the hotel management and front desk staff. They were concerned and said they would check into it, but did not seem surprised.

A very old hotel, very old car

pets and furnishings.

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