The Blackstone, A Renaissance Hotel
636 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605-1901

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We stayed at this hotel between September17-20, 2013. The hotel and the service was great but after sleeping there for a night I got some itchy red bumps on my hands and arms. After the second night, i got more severe bites on both arms. I did check the mattress briefly but could not locate anything. However, I could not make a thourough search and you know these huggers hide very well. I am positive that they were bed bugs and I may brought back a few with me too:( Since that trip, I have becom

e extremely OCD, washing and heating everything.

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We stayed here last week for one night for our anniversary. I took my pillow with me (dumb idea) and came home and didn't wash it (dumb idea #2) and have been getting bites right at dawn ever since. They are classic bed bug bites.

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