Porter's Steakhouse
8201 W Higgins Rd
Chicago, IL 60631-2917

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I stayed less than 8 hours at the Garden Hotel (same address) and still walked away with more than a dozen bites. When I reported the incident to the management they were leary that it could be bed bugs and completely not helpful. I am positive it was however because I am unbelievably allergic to bed bugs (nothing else) so I swell in huge welts around the bites. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone I know.

I stayed at this hotel on Sept 11th in room 225. After booking this hotel I read this site and was worried when I saw other reports. The guy at the front desk assured us that they had the entire hotel fumigated 8 months ago and hadn't had a problem since.

I woke up at 1130, then again at 1 with bites but thought maybe they were just misquito bites. I checked and didn't see any bugs. Then at 3 I woke up with even more bites, looked around and saw a bed bug crawling away from me.

We switche

d hotels and they were nice about finding us a hotel to switch to. I would never stay here again though, obviously they've had this problem for awhile and haven't been able to resolve it.

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I stayed in this hotel for a couple of weeks in May. Though I never actually saw a bug, I'm convinced I was bitten a number of times and had the trademark "breakfast, lunch and dinner" marks. When I left the hotel, I took all necessary precautions to ensure nothing traveled out of the hotel with me and I haven't had a problem since.

THIS POSTING IS FOR CHICAGO O'HARE GARDEN HOTEL at the same address. I woke up about 2:40 the morning of June 14th, 2011 after feeling itchy several times. When I turned the light on I saw several bed bugs of various sizes all across the sheets and pillows. I immediately took several pictures and video with my phone's camera. I then called Hotels.com to report the incident, then called the front desk. The front desk sent someone down to investigate who found several live and dead bugs and

put them in a napkin to show the front desk. He came back to tell me that the hotel is completely booked as are all nearby hotels. When I got to the front desk, there was no apology or remorse, just the clerk telling me to call the manager (whose last name he couldn't even spell) after 8am this morning.
I refused to stay in the room until departure so showered, checked all my clothes in the suitcase for bugs, then came to one of the meeting rooms where I am now at 3:40 in the morning. Now on to research about what to do with my luggage before I head to the airport.

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