Inn at Lincoln Park
601 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL

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7/14/2011 I was reading in my bed around 1:30 A.M. I became concerned after the third, similarly looking bug crawled onto me in the matter of five minutes. After looking up pictures of bedbugs on the internet I was certain that those were the bugs I was encountering. Management gave me another room which did not appear to be infested. As I was leaving management told me that they had an inspector coming that day and they would send me the report. A week later I had not received the report a

nd called to ask what the conclusion was. They did not send me the report but instead just informed me that there were no bedbugs. Either I successfully eradicated all of the bedbugs, the inspector was incompetent, or I was being lied to. I am assuming it was the last option. Given the size of the bugs they had reached their adult stage or had been around for 4 weeks. I supposed they could have been brought in by the previous occupant, but this hotel has had a history of bedbug problems according to this site.

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Room 220.
Sunday 09/27/2009

As I was getting ready to go to bed at 3:00 am, I noticed something crawling on the bed. It was a bedbug! I turned on the light and looked around, nothing. I turned over the pillow and there was 6 bed bugs underneath the pillow. A few of them had burrowed into the pillow case.

After I informed the staff that there was a bug problem they inspected the room and offered me another room.
Same problem. Bed Bugs.

Do not go to this hotel.

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