Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
2233 S King Dr
Chicago, IL

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Oct 15, 2015. Went to bed, only to see a bedbug walking right across the pillow. Took the pillow to the sink and washed the bug off into the basin. Clearly a bedbug. This is gross, but I smashed it with the shampoo bottle, and bright red blood splattered out. I took a picture of it.

The housekeeping manager said "we don't have a bedbug problem," which was obviously a lie. The front desk guy didn't seem too surprised, though. There were no other rooms, so I had to find another hotel at midnigh

t. Being a convention hotel, they have a lot of occupancy and turnover, so it's a perfect setup for bedbugs. It's convenient, but I would avoid this place like the plague.

They told me the same story about getting an independent company to evaluate the issue, Eco care or something like that. This gives the appearance that they are taking reasonable action on the issue. This independent company is obviously not managing the problem, however. I think the Hyatt board of directors should be forced to sleep in these bed bug infested beds for a week. Perhaps then there will be more than lip service to this obviously severe problem.

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I stayed at this hotel for 4 nights for business. Every day I woke up scratching and only felt about 2 bug bites per night and saw the bites the next day on my legs and arms. However, I didn't realize it was such a big problem until a few to many days later while at home, I noticed bites now all over my arms, back, legs, butt and they are itching uncontrollably. They are in a straight line pattern and resemble the images online of bed bugs. At this point I'm afraid to get in my bed at home again

because I didn't take any precautions upon returning home because I've never experienced bites like this before and bed bugs never dawned on me until I'm experiencing it now.
I will give it 2 more days at home and then will call an exterminator to inspect my home. Hoping they did not come home with me but they might have since I did not think about it then. I have been home for 9 days so far and last night still woke up with more bites and still itching uncontrollably. This info needs to be publicized so no one else has to go through this again!!! :(

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I stayed at this Hyatt for 1 night on Wednesday, 3/25. I am a VP of Sales and travel extensively for business so I'm well aware of the risks of falling prey to bed bugs. Immediately upon entering the room, I lifted the mattress and looked for droppings or signs of bed bugs on the mattress but I didn't see the usual signs of an infestation (I have found these nasty bugs at other hotels!); however, I only checked the bed I was going to sleep in and did not check the 2nd bed-- BAD MISTAKE!!


n I returned home the following day I noticed that I had bites ALL over my shoulders and arms that itched like crazy. I noticed that the bites were cm apart and in straight lines so I removed and carefully washed all of my bedding and inspected my bed in my home per the direction of the CDC website. I went to my dermatologist on 3/28 and my dermatologist marked and counted the bites on my arms, chest and shoulders and I had 39 bites on my left arm alone and a total of 58 bites on my body!!!!

On 3/28 I called the hotel and asked the receptionist to connect me with the hotel manager regarding bed bugs in their hotel- to which she refused and told me she would transfer me to the housekeeping manager. When I insisted, she refused again and I was transferred to the housekeeping manager Lauren. Lauren was very apologetic and she explained that the room I had stayed in, 526, was occupied that night and when the guest checked out the next day they would immediately have their 3rd party inspector, Ecolab, come and inspect the room and after the inspection, the executive housekeeping manager from the hotel would contact me. I surely don't expect that the hotel will admit fault, however...

What is the most unbelievable about this nasty experience is the hotel's refusal to allow me to speak with the hotel manager regarding the situation. I will fight to be reimbursed for the room when I speak with the hotel again on 3/29 and I will NEVER stay at a Hyatt hotel again. With that said I will also be very quick to spread the word within my own network so they won't also have to endure such an awful experience @ a Hyatt. YUCK!

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1 jan - 4 jan 2015
I stayed in the Hyatt McCormick for a convention in room 1828
With 3 other people. On Saturday I started itching on my neck and shoulders. When I got home Sunday I asked my sister to look. She's a pharmacist as said you have bites from bedbugs all over. You can't go into the house. So I took off all my clothes in the gargage and place in plastic bags. It was below 0 outside. She rubbed me down with alcohol and put a plastic bag over my hair so I could get to the restroom to

was my locks with water as hot as I could take it. It is several day later I'm still itching I'm using hydrocortisone cream to help the itching. The hotel housekeeping exec sent me a generic email saying that they found no bed bug infestation. I didn't arrive with these bites and now I'm angry. I also submitted photos

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June 21-25, 2013
Was worried after reading these reports since I needed to be close to convention center but VERY CLEAN nice modern rooms, no problems at all this hotel.

I just stayed @ this hotel about a week ago. A couple of days later my arm starts itching and will not stop. I look on my arm and she these bite marks that are going in a straight line. I looked up on the computer and they were bed bugs bites. This hotel has bed bugs. I forgot to check my sheets before I got in the bed. I am so pissed off. I keep scratching all day at work. Also, my arm had some kind of tingling sensation to it. I talked to the housekeeping manager and he said that he wou

ld send pest control in the room to check it out. I sure he will come back and say they did not see any bed bugs. If I don't get any results I am going to take this a step further. Protest in front of the hotel maybe. I think I deserve a refund!

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About 2-3 weeks after I returned from a tradeshow in Chicago - staying at the Hyatt McCormick, I started getting bug bites on my legs and arms.

I called the local pest control company where I live (Pennsylvania) and he did a thorough check of my home. After he made sure everything was ok, he asked if I had stayed in a hotel or motel 2-3 weeks prior. This is because it often times takes bed bug bites that amount of time to develop. Sure enough, it was the perfect timing.

I had stayed ther

e 3 nights, so the pest control guy said that I would probably get new bites three nights in a row. Sure enough. After a third night of new bites developed (at this point, I had 38 bites between my arms and my legs) the bites stopped coming. Coincidence? I think not.

I called the hotel and they assured me they'd get "their company" to check it out. I would have much preferred a 3rd party to go in and take a look, because of course the hotel will deny any history, or any residency of the pests. And they did.

I had to pay for my home's inspection, and had to get antibiotics for the bites because I kept scratching them open. The hotel claimed they never had any such complaint of bedbug bites before... well... I've just found some - on this website.

They kept saying "Let us know if anything else comes up on your end." I want to know... if they were telling the truth, and had absolutely, positively no bedbugs in the room I stayed in... why would they want me to keep them posted? It would be a done deal. But hey, what can you do? Nothing but get the word out.

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Everyone on here seems to be reporting that they have had bedbugs in their rooms. I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place and fully inspected my room. I was very satisfied on how clean my room was and that I could sleep without worrying about any bed bug issues, which is rare when traveling to a large city hotel.

I was abducted by aliens, and let me tell you, there bedbugs leave ours in the dust. Imagine a bedbug the size of a loaf of bread, with pincers made of steel, and a razor sharp anus, and you are just beginning to understand what you are dealing with. I stayed at the Hyatt and had a bedbug bite, or perhaps an ingrown hair, but after being traumatized by the alien bedbug I was WISHING to return to the Hyatt for a little earth bedbug munching.
Stay at this hotel and, for gods sake, don't approac

h aliens!

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I stayed at this hotel and was assured by the staff that they had taken precautions about bedbugs, and yet my room had several small brown bugs in between the bedbug cover and mattress. When I contacted the management they acted as if nothing had happened, and they were unwilling to change my room.

I just returned home after a 5 day stay at this hotel. My room was kept very clean and there was no evidence of bedbugs. This is my hotel of choice when I'm in Chicago. My stay was from October 9, 2010 to October 13, 2010. Hats off to the management.

On behalf of the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, please allow me to reach out to you regarding your stays at our property.
We take every report of bed bugs very seriously. If a guest reports that he or she may have found bed bugs, we take swift action. We immediately remove the room from service and call in a nationally recognized pest control expert to investigate the room and take all steps necessary to address the situation.
The safety of our guests and the cleanliness of our facilities are

top priorities. The trained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place are one of the best lines of defense along with our regular inspections. We pride ourselves on keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training, and
tools needed to identify and address any issues, and we regularly review our housekeeping standards and procedures to ensure that each Hyatt guest enjoys a safe, clean, and comfortable environment in our hotels.
I invite you to contact me at the hotel if you can provide us with more information about your stay and these alleged incidents, such as the dates of your stay and/or room number. We encourage all of our guests to report
any alleged incidents to us promptly so we can quickly address the situation.
Tom Pagels
General Manager
[email protected]

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I found a bug in between the sheet and comforter during a stay June 28 - July 1, 2010 that may have been a bed bug (brown bug with very similar "shell" shape to the picture on this page). I had some bites and was very itchy during and after my 4 night stay. I did not report it to the management because I only saw the one bug and thought it was just a random incident.

During a meeting the week of July 26, several colleagues complained about getting bitten by bedbugs. I had one bite myself, but some of my colleagues had multiple bites. I found the rooms to be dirty, and I am glad I did not unpack my clothes. I just hope I did not bring anything home with me.

I left a 4 day stay at this hotel with many, many bites all over my arms, face and hands. After an investigation, no evidence of the pests was found in my room, but a hotel staff person did indicate that the hotel had been treated for bed bugs in 2008.

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