Hotel Indigo - Chicago Downtown Gold Coast
1244 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60610-5197

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I was in room 1113 and was woken up around 5am with itching which was odd as I had taken a Tylenol PM to help me sleep and had only been asleep about five hours. I had a few small bites on my shoulder and trunk. I had also noticed small flecks of black in the sheet that seemed odd as I had had on socks until I got into bed. I then pulled the covers all the way back and found a dead bug, very small and a couple of flecks of what looked like a piece of the same kind of "shell". Called the front de

sk. They were very nice, laundered my clothes and froze my luggage. I was sent to a different room, 309, pulled the sheets down and inspected it looked fine. I worked in the room all day but did store my clothes in the bathroom. When I got ready to go back to bed, I inspected again and found a lighter color but same sized dead bug in the very bottom of the sheets. I'm trying to sleep in the chair tonight.

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Stayed at this hotel a month ago and had a great time. But a few weeks ago i noticed bites on my arms and around my neck. I fear the worse and think its bed bugs, i assume they took a ride with me back to my home. The exterminator is coming tomorrow to check if it is bed bugs are not.

8/18/11. Room 1102 not very clean, bit we've been in worse. Awoke in the am & we found multiple bites on my moms leg. Cancelled our second night & headed home.

6/25/2011 The room was filthy. On the second night of stay we saw a bug crawling on the bed. I'd never seen a bed bug before and did a search on Google, and it definitely was. Hotel management didn't think anything of it. We stayed on the 8th or 9th floor.

Hotel Room 906: I woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and realized that there were bugs crawling on me. I turned on the lights and saw multiple bed bugs in the bed, and blood on the sheets from where I had been bitten.

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