Hotel Felix Chicago
111 W Huron St, Chicago, Il, 60610-8706
Chicago, IL 99999

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We checked in to the Hotel Felix, and went straight up to our room to chill for the first day of our extended weekend stay. We were there in our room for about an hour when I noticed a bedbug crawling across the comforter toward me. It was the first, and only bedbug I've ever seen in person. I squashed it, and left it on a Hotel Felix notepad as evidence. We searched around the room in all of the bedbug "hotspots" and couldn't find any signs of an infestation, so we stayed for the duration o

f our planned 3 nights. Neither one of us suffered from any obvious bites during our stay, but man- talk about bedbug paranoia! I figured the single bug was left by the last tenant of our room. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. The hotel is really nice, and the location is great. If you've punched a few hotels into the Bedbug Registry, you know it's very possible for the nicest hotels to have bedbugs. I'm not going to stop staying in nice hotels because of bedbugs, but I am going to do my homework before making any final decisions on where I'll stay, and we will always travel defensively from this point on!

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I stayed in the Hotel Felix from Dec 26 - Dec 30, 2011 and then again from Jan 2 - Jan 6, 2012. in the course of this two weeks I stayed in two different room. I found out last week that I brought Bed Bugs home with me. I found a bug in my bed last week, got an exterminator in the next day for confirmation and a consultation of treatment and spent my entire weekend packing the contents of my bedroom/office/bathroom getting ready for treatment. I can't believe how exhausting the process was f

or getting ready but having had my first treatment today my exterminator told me we caught this at the right time. If I had waited two more weeks it would have been almost impossible to get rid of. This is how quickly they take over!! I called the hotel last week to speak to the General Manager - he berated me!! He told me he had never been told this before and wanted to know what I expected him to do "7 weeks after my stay". I told him to inspect his rooms so no other person had to experience what I had!!! I feel good in the company I've chosen to help me get rid of the problem. I hope it helps!! I have another trip planned for Chicago in May. I know where I WON'T be staying and I now know what to look for so this never happens to me again.

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