Hotel Allegro
171 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL

Found 15 reports:

7/15-7/18/14, Stayed in room 1732, I awoke with a few bites the second day. The third day I awoke with more bites. By the time I returned home a day later, over 70 bites had appeared. I've read it takes two to three days for the bites to show up. I've never experienced bed bug bites before. Called the front desk. They said they had never had record of this hotel having bed bugs. This was awful.

I stayed at this hotel the week ending 8/30/13 for a business trip. I travel weekly for work and have never experienced bed bugs. I received bites on my arms, face and hands. Never having been bit by bed bugs before I went to the Dr. the bites were so bad and they confirmed bed bugs. I called the hotel just to inform them so that others would not experience this too. I was blown off and told that they had not received any other reports.

We stayed one night in room 722 on 7/21/2013 and there was no evidence of bedbugs, and we really looked hard!

I stayed at allegro for one night on 5/4/13 and to my dismay woke up the next morning to find a bed bug on me! Oh the horror! Flipped over pillows and blankets in search of any other visitors but only found that one. The hotel manager sent someone to collect the critter and assured that the room will be sealed off and the situation will be investigated. Waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully things are taken care of.

On 05-26-13, I was sleeping I awoke at around to find a bed bug in our bed right under were I was lying. I was told that it was not a bed bug by staff but then told that they were not for sure. I was told that the room was checked for bed bugs and they found no activity. They told me a exterminator came out who relayed these results but they would not tell me weather or not the bug I found was a bed bug. Despite the fact that the bug looked exactly like what their charts depicted it to be. They

also refused to provide me with any paperwork indicating my belongings are bed bug free. Staff was very unprofessional at handling the entire matter and I would not recommend staying at this hotel unless you don't mind bed bugs and staff who do not care about their guest. However, if you are so very lucky to find one they will dry clean all of you clothing but not treat your luggage.

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Stayed in a amazing room _ but I had 3 bites in a row on my stomach. Came home and found a bug on me...... Not happy!

Caught bedbug in plastic bag after seeing it while reading in bed. Took it downstairs and was told they weren't sure it was a bedbug because they had "never seen one before." They sent my clothes for cleaning and tried to make it up to me, but follow-up was abysmal. Was told they searched the room and found no other bugs. I'm incredulous.

Found a confirmed bedbug in room 526 on 10/5/2012. Hotel did all they could to "debug" our belongings, moved us & refunded our costs.

8/18/12. I found a dead bed bug in my bed. It was in room 1119. My son said I found some fuze. I looked closer and saw it was a bed bug. If you have kids they give you kids bags. They are cool.

Stayed one night in room 432 on September 6th, 2012. Found bug bites on ankles next day.

Stayed here for about 6 weeks during April & May in various rooms. No sign of bugs the entire time.

Stayed 3/24/2012-3/26/2012. NO signs of bedbugs when I checked out the room (looked around the mattress and boxspring, bedskirt, and sheets. Mattresses looked brand new. No bites or other problems. I was really happy with my stay.

January 2012 - stayed for 3 nights. discovered 10+ bits on Saturday morning. Hotel says room was checked and all clear. but I still have serious bites.

Found bites on way to airport. Recognized the '3 in a row' pattern.

Found a dead bed bug in my bed
date :4.17.10.
The room was 1131