Hilton Chicago
720 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

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I warn EVERYONE: Please do NOT stay here in this hotel per the bed bug problem!!! My boyfriend, I, and my parents all stayed in this hotel Saturday evening, March 22nd. We left Sunday morning, March the 23rd. I woke up with ONE welt on my inner thigh. Over the passage of four days, my boyfriend, mother, and I have developed 30-40 bites (individually). We stayed in room 600 and 621. Both rooms had one king-size bed. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We have all three filed claims and are awa

iting to find out if our houses need to be exterminated. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful!!! This is NO JOKE!


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I stayed there the 18-20 and have bed bug bites. I will be contacting the management in the morning.

I stayed in this hotel in November 2012, room 1313. Long story short, I was bitten by bed bugs but had a delayed response. I called the hotel and they did in fact have bed bugs in the room. Hotel management was at least honest and payed for my apartment to be exterminated (almost $2000). This had to be done as the bites showed once I returned home and I may have taken them home in my luggage.

I have not and will not stay in this hotel again. Disappointing as they have a great gym!

Upon check in to room 2529, I checked the bed of my room for bed bugs. I discovered red stains that looked like small specks of blood on the mattress pad on the side, lower corner of the bed which lead me to believe that the bed had bed bugs. I went back down stairs and asked to check out as I cannot stay in a hotel that has bed bugs. I was very discrete in my compliant and showed him the photo I had taken on my phone. I was told by the desk clerk that the manager was busy with someone and I

could speak with him or her if I could wait. I said I was willing to wait a few minutes but had to now check in at another hotel and my evening plans were disturbed because of this interruption. The desk clerk checked me out, credited my parking, apologized and sent me on my way. I was disappointed that considering the nature of my issue, the manager did not see me and the desk clerk checked me out without having me speak to the manager. Upon exiting the hotel, the valet attendant recognized us and asked why we were leaving so soon. I told him and he asked us to wait a minute as a senior manager was in his car nearby. The manager greeted me and asked me to explain the problem. I showed him a picture of the stained bedding. I told him that I had already made a reservation at the Hard Rock hotel and would not be satisfied with another room at the Hilton Chicago. He apologized and told me that their bedding is sent to a sterilization place in Indiana for cleaning. He asked for my email to follow up with me. He sent me an email the following day again apologizing and telling me that they were addressing the situation.

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Morning of June 1 2012: Woke up in the morning to see a bug crawling near my head on the top of bed linens. Room 2240. Scooped into bag and took downstairs to security.

Exterimator (who was already on site for routine maintenance) inspected linens, box springs, and mattresses in room and did not see initial signs of more bugs (to which I agreed). However, he confirmed that what I found was indeed an adult bedbug.

I did not have any signs of being bit, neither did my bedmate. Today is J

une 4th and I still do not have symptoms. Stayed in hotel for only one night. Hotel staff was very accomidating in addressing the situation ASAP. We were moved to another room (since we were there to get ready for a wedding), gave us complimentary late check-out, comped our room, and washed all of our laundry immediately. They also offered medical attention if necessary.

It was an upsetting situation, but I approached it courteously with the hotel staff and they were over the top on making sure we were taken care of. Hopefully this was simply a one off that may have been left from a previous guest (since it was an adult and was full and, again, I have no signs of a bite right now). Will follow up if more develops.

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