Embassy Suites Lakefront
511 N Columbus Dr
Chicago, IL 60611-5590

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After second day stating at hotel noticed a bite on the top of each foot. Then two bites on the ankle. Then a bite behind the knee. After returning home, I noticed four bites in a line on the lower outer thigh. In all I had nine red, raised, ITCHY bite marks between the beginning of my stay and immediately after getting home.

I'm a little surprised because I checked the hotel bed before checking in and didn't see any evidence of bugs (no black "poop", no bodies and no blood. I couldn't re

ally check the other furniture because it was a dark brown shade.

I'm not sure if this was bed bugs or chiggers since I did feel several sharp pinchs to my thigh in the exact place of the red welts.

I would hate to think this hotel has an issue, but bugs are everywhere. I didn't talk to management because I didn't see any bugs.

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