Arlington House International Hostel of Chicago
616 W Arlington Pl
Chicago, IL

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We stayed in this hostel on September 2008, I don't remember the room number. After the week, we put off sheets for cleaning and we saw a lot of bedbugs. So we told to the guy to inform him and he refound us for this. It was very awful to imagine that we slept a full week with that under the sheets.

I Stayed in room 220. and i saw a couple bed bugs. woke up with blood on my sheets. There were alot in the shower.

I did not suffer any bed bug bites and at the time I did not know what a bed bug looked like. I stayed here between September 24th through 27th. The only time I noticed a bed bug was Saturday morning and it was crawling on the bed. I only seen one and did not encounter any bites...not for sure as to why. The person I stayed with didn't get any either. Although we didn't sustain any bites I did in fact see one, therefore, the hostel still has them, among many other hotels in Chicago (Super 8).

I also stayed at this location for several weeks between the months of December and January of 09. Room L5 on the ground floor. did not get any bites the first week but noticed several all over my body by the second week. heard from many other people staying at the hostel that this was prevelant throughout the whole place. Being that it was mid winter and i was not very familiar with other inexpensive chicago hotels i decided to deal with the bugs till i was set to leave. Now i am not i

n the hotel but all the way on the other side of the country and still suffering from the bites. I washed all my clothes and put them in a suitcase that hadnt been in the room before checking out. Really hoping that they did not travel with me and the painful itching is just leftover bites attempting to heal. I would definately not recommend staying at this hostel specifically because of the bugs and the managements lack of concern for taking care of this situation. I have read up about lawsuits taken up against hotels for this same thing and am considering the same action. I work part time as a model and have found this experience to be stressful beyond words. This building should be shut down for extermination before they come into the summer season where thousands of travelers will be staying there that could potentially spread the bugs even more.

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Oct 22, 2008 Arlington House, Chicago, room 234: I woke up with about seven bites in a row. I diagnosed bedbugs from online material. I compared the "track" on my leg with the fellow's from room 334 directly upstairs. I notified staff which provided a new mattress which didn't stop the onslaught. I bought hydrocortisone cream for the itching and loratadine for the reaction. I put my clothes through the dryer in the hostel basement. Staff next provided a new, seemingly sanitized, room 232 which d

idn't stop the onslaught. I compared my bites with two more residents', neither of which had realized they were from bedbugs. Finally Oct 29, staff provided a strong black plastic bag to carry off my stuff to new hotel where, except for three inside one boot, the bites stopped.

It requires extraordinary effort to not carry the infestation on, or home. Any hotel that knows it has bedbugs should either stop operation or provide complete decomtamination to departing patrons.

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several bed bugs on sheets and walls- stayed in room 233


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