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On 10/25/2013 we checked into room 3502 and found issues with housekeeping. But on the morning we were to check out
I caught out of the corner of my eye something moving across the bed covers and it was a bed bug. Took a picture of it and compared to pictures on the internet to confirmed it.
Concerned about personal belongings having issues now. Not happy!

We checked in July 20, 2012, and found bugs in two rooms. Left immediately.

I stayed here one night, August 13, 2011. I checked one of the beds in room 3214, but not the other! My mistake because I came home and a day later found the characteristic line of bites on my ankle. My daughter has been itchy too. I am really hoping I did not take any home with me, but only time will tell. Check, check, check the entire room! I am upset with myself for not doing a more thorough examine of both beds and the picture frames! I only have a few bites so I am hoping it was not huge i

nfestation but they multiply quickly! I will also say that I took a cab ride during the afternoon, who knows if I got bit then. Travellers need to educate themselves on the signs and be diligent in searching.

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Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park takes matters such as these very seriously. Moreover, our hotel has a Standard Operating Procedure and a Housekeeping Inspection Training Program in place to ensure our hotel is inspected on a daily basis. On a regular basis we bring in professional and certified exterminators that inspect the hotel and verified that there was no insect infestation.

Fairmont Chicago
Bedbugs rampant during my trip 8-21-8-28 2010!! Watch out people!! I amstill going through trying to deal with the infestation at home! Bites everywhere--and even when we checked in,I don't use the comforter, but I noticed the blackish streaks that bed bugs leave on mattresses. At the time I thought it was weird, but did not know what it was...THEN i had bites, all around my face, torso--bed bug characteristic. I only stayed here...and the streaks just add up! UGH!