Amalfi Hotel Chicago
20 W Kinzie St
Chicago, IL

Found 2 reports:

As referenced in the 2/7/11 posting, the hotel did have an isolated incident in one guest room where our professional pest control service identified a limited presence of bed bugs. Upon being notified by the guest, hotel management moved quickly to have the pest control service treat the entire room, removing all furnishings and deep cleaning it completely.

This is an issue that most hotels in the US are experiencing now due to the increase in global travelers. The incident at the Amalfi wa

s a result of a prior guest bringing the bugs into the hotel on their luggage. This occurrence was unavoidable and in no way a reflection on the hotel’s housekeeping standards or procedures.

Since this incident, the hotel staff has been trained to constantly check all public areas, including guest rooms, for evidence of bed bugs. To date, no further incident has occurred. For further information, please contact the hotel General Manager at (312)395-9000.

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Found at least 9, varying sized, bed bugs in one of three rooms we had on 2/5/11.