444 St James Apartment Hotel
444 W Saint James Pl
Chicago, IL 60614-2750

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Can we get a floor for the 2011 report? Thank you!

YUCK. Before I knew what a bed bud looked like- I had them on my curtains and eventually in my bed. The first one I spotted was on a shirt in my closet. I was MORTIFIED. I never had more than 2 or 3 around in one night so I'm assuming they came in from another unit. Other than an encounter from time to time, his building is great and the landlord does everything to make things right which seemed to make up for the "roommate" problem.

So far the landlord is doing a decent job of trying to address the problem, I've received multiple treatments, but after several months they are still around. it's hard to tell if the treatments just aren't effective enough, or if they are moving to another apartment and then coming back after the treatment has worn off. we are still working on it, and so far I'm not happy or unhappy with the handling of the situation.

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