Staybridge Suites
4320 Meridian Pky
Aurora, IL 60504-7904
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found a bed bug on the night table, crushed its back, I have the pictures to prove it.

After closer inspection I see that I have in fact chosen the wrong hotel on this website. It is a different Staybridge Suites (located at 200 Royce Blvd. Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181) where I had the bed bug incident.

I apologize for making the wrong selection. I suppose in my haste (and my state of mind at the time as I was still very upset) picked the wrong ... It was the only one that came up when I searched for 'Staybridge' in Oakbrook, IL. Why I that is I do not know...

I retract what

I said about this hotel as I have never stayed at the 4320 Meridian Pky., Aurora, IL Staybridge. I have gone and found the correct Staybridge in this online registry and have copied my statement over to a new posting for that hotel.

Again my apologies..

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Hello Susan,

I am the guest who reported Nov. 1st of experiencing bed bugs at your hotel. First, let me say that it is very clear and obvious that your hotel has a bed bug issue. You stated that I must be confusing your hotel with another hotel... I clearly and unequivocally recognized the 50+ bites I received on my upper body while sleeping in Room 203 as a direct result of being attacked by bed bugs. I have photos of the bites to prove it and hotel receipts w/ dates to prove it, along with

doctor bills from the 2 doctor visits I had shortly thereafter.

I highly recommend you call in a professional exterminator to COMPLETELY eradicate the bed bugs from your hotel.

Might I add that I did attempt to contact your Management and never once received a phone call back from you or the local hotel manager regarding the incident.

I also highly recommend that anyone planning on checking into this hotel (or any hotel for that matter) bring a black light and gloves and thoroughly check the room out before bringing any luggage up to the room.

It's a shame that instead of doing the right thing and contacting me directly to discuss the matter, you would rater publicly dismiss and deny my claim as me being 'confused'. Shame on you.

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I'm the General Manager of the Staybridge Suites Aurora. The posted comment on November 1st in regards to my hotel is untrue. I'm not sure if this guest confused us with another area hotel, but we do not have bed bugs and has never had them. I'm available for any questions (630) 978-2222.

I recently stayed in a room on the 2nd floor of this hotel and the room was apparently infested with bed bugs. I noticed that they had recently changed out all the mattresses in the hotel (before I noticed there was a problem), so I didn't think much of... but now in Hindsight it could have been because they (the Hotel) knew they had a problem with bed bugs and thought that changing out the mattress would resolve it.

I believe that the ones in my room were in the head board of the bed and p

robably already gotten into the new mattress as well. I have probably 50 or so bites over my upper body. I do not believe it was fleas because all the biting seemed to happen over night and I never saw any fleas and I don't have any bites on my legs. I had to go to the Emergency Medical Clinic and get a cortisone shot and have my blood drawn and now I am on medicine for the itching, etc.

This has been a nightmare. I can not sleep even though I have moved out of the hotel. They say they treated my luggage and clothes in their freezer and that should have killed anything that might be on them, but there is no way of knowing for sure. I just pray that I have not carried over any bugs to the new hotel and that I don't carry any home with me when I go back home in 3 weeks.

I would not recommend this hotel to anyone!! Beware!

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