Microtel Inn and Suites Urban
8711 Plum Dr
Urbandale, IA 50322
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Laid down on bed, and saw a small, flat, round bug. Night manager was apologetic and moved us to another room.

1am itching
2am itching
3 am itching.
bed bugs here so steer clear.

I woke up with two bites next to me knee. While in the shower I noticed something between my toes. I picked it up and put it on the counter and took a picture with my phone. It was so full of blood it could not crawl. I touched it and it popped, spilling blood on the counter. I was absolutely disgusted and flushed the remains down the toilet. I was late for a meeting and have not yet reported this to the hotel desk. Because my client booked and paid for my room, I have not complained and am hop

ing that's the only bug in the room. If I wake with any bug bites the next night, I am leaving immediately.

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After booking over the phone, I researched BedbugRegistry.com. Called back to the hotel, and was told that the few problems that they did have in the past were addressed, and that they've had no reports or calls in months. I informed the desk I would inspect my room thoroughly before I accepted it, and they had no issues with that. When I arrived, I did inspect, found no signs of any bugs, and accepted the room. JUST TO BE SAFE, I did not bring my luggage in, but in the morning, I found no b

ites, welts, or itching. It seems they have addressed any issues they might have had in the past. Oh, and a pretty nice breakfast was provided, too. :)

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Bug found on shower curtain.
Moved to new room.
Found two bugs.
Refunded by hotels.com

7/12/12 - The air conditioner was broken so I woke up hot at 3am and realized I was extremely itchy. After further inspection, I discovered approximately 20 huge welts on my arms, legs, and back and even found some of the bed bugs on the bed, which I killed and kept in a plastic bag to show the manager. The lady at the desk at night was very nice and apologetic but the manager that came in the next day when I came back to discuss the issue was not nice, not apologetic and basically said, there

's nothing she could do about it. They didn't even comp the room despite the evidence and the fact that I packed up my bags and left immediately not willing to chance another room.

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According to this site, it says that my claim has been disputed ... let's see if they can dispute a publid record.

Per the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals:
Reason for visit was bed bug complaint. Management indicated that the room had been treated by PrestoX and that pest control company found bed bugs. As a result management removed box spring, mattress, and bedding from affected area. Several surrounding rooms were also treated. During our inspection no evidence of pests were pre


If you want to see it for yourself, please go to http://dia.iowa.gov/food/controller.aspx?cmd=viewInspection&t=634159931050000000&i=BCHURCH&eid=HO00-8759917

I doubt they will dispute that. Management and ownership at that property are dishonest and have no business being in the service and hospitality industry.

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I checked in on July 13, 2010, three hours into the night I woke up full of bites in my arms. I called the Night Manager, whiich turned out to be the General Manager. He came in look in the room and said he didn't have any bed bugs and was probably a mosquito. So, at 5 am in the morning I get online and all of a sudden I see a bug crawling in the pillow. Sure enough it is a bed bug and it is full of blood. It is room number 300.

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