Days Inn-Council Bluffs
3619 9th Ave
Council Bluffs, IA 51501-5633

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My children and I got a room here on 6/3/13. We planned to stay the night and spend the following day at the Omaha Zoo. I immediately pulled back the covers, lifted the sheets, mattress, etc. and felt safe that there were no bugs. We brought all of our bags, pillows, and the kids' favorite blankets into the room. I got the kids into their pajamas and began brushing their teeth. While I was brushing, the others were bouncing on the bed and started saying, "Mom, there's a bug"! I ran over and was

horrified to see a bed bug running across the sheet. I quickly grabbed a tissue and brought it down to the management, asked for a refund, and went back to get our belongings. I shook everything out and checked all our bags. The gal behind the desk apologized and told me she was not aware of any other reports. The other staff member next to her would not even look me in the eye. I was sickened by this experience and didn't want to take a chance on another hotel, so we left.

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