Waikiki Gateway Hotel
2070 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI

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We arrived and slept May 18-21. On May 20 we had taken a nap in the afternoon and woke up to a blood stain on the bed. I looked on my body to see where it was coming from, and my wife was looking around the bed. We found one bug right by the edge of the mattress: it was flat round and was moving around. We reported it immediately. The hotel didn't do much at first. They said they would 'clean our room' and said that 'even New York has bed bugs.' As if that's any reassurance. When we asked to swi

tch a room they really pushed back. After we started looking up information about bed bugs we asked them to also clean our clothes, or at least give us quarters so we could clean. They eventually agreed to clean our clothes. Not sure if their staff handled the situation well buy at least they finally listened to us. I'm not sure if they ended up ever quarantining the room and taking the right procedure.

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