The Equus
1696 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96815

Found 3 reports:

We arrived at the Equus Marina tower on January 10, 2012 in the early morning hours from Canada. We went to bed and got up several hours later. I noticed what appeared to be a dead bed bug on the white sheets. I checked my body and found 2 bites adjacent to each other on my right leg. I immediately reported it to the desk clerk. I showed him my 2 bites and he agreed to give me another room in the original hotel. We paid for a room with a view in the tower and ended up in another room. Follow up

the next day revealed that this clerk did not even note the bed bugs on our account. The new clerk promised me that she would take over and investigate. To make a long story short, she told me that a professional inspection revealed no bed bugs. When I asked for a copy of the report, she promised I would have it before leaving for Vancouver on January 18. She reneaged and I got no report from her. This was just more proof that she was lying (Rene). I emailed them again from Canada and they won't reply as of today. From another website post today (, I have reason to believe that they "possibly" rented the room to another unsuspecting Canadian (same floor) and possibly the exact same room. From his post he found bedbugs. I am awaiting a return email. I plan to pursue the matter!!

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this place definitely had bedbugs back when i stayed there in april 2008. there were three of us and we all came back with many bites all over our bodies.

I stayed at the Equus for one night on 4/23/2011. I was happy because the hotel was attractively furnished and had a low rate. Everything appeared clean and pristine, but sadly, as I was flying home, I realized that I'd gotten a bunch of bedbug bites. My son was in another bed next to mine and he did not get bitten. My friend and her son stayed in the room next door and they did not get any bites. I, however, did. I probably had 80-100 bites and they were most certainly bedbugs because of the wa

y they were clustered....and due to the fact that I am apparently allergic to them, so they are still itching 4 weeks later!!!!!

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