Seaside Hawaiian Hostel
419 Seaside Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-2626

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Not severely bitten, but have at least 10 bites from my 2 night stay. I stayed June 4-6, 2013 in room 3.

Stayed at Seaside Hawaiian Hostel, Room #2, May 24 - 28, at the bottom bunk. Recalled seeing a small bug crawling on the rail of the bunk bed, and didn't know what it was. The pillow on the bed was old and nasty, before putting a pillow case over it. Crazy itching started early morning of June 1, and pimple-like rash from neck to shoulders to all over arms, elbows, hands, some on waist, and upper thighs and clusters around ankles and feet. Just got back from the doctor and got dianosed with

bed bug bites. Just applied prescription creme called Permethrin Cream from head to toe. Yikes! This is the first time I've ever learned about bed bugs and actually bitten. Never ever stay at this hostel again. They need to do some serious pest control at this place. Now getting professional pest control to come to my home for help, in case I brought home any of these nasty bugs from the hostel.

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Okay. As we were strpping the bed, my friend did see one red bb. It was three am so we didnt tell anyone. I thought maybe I had a bite or two but I wasn't worried.
BUT I guess the bites often don't show up for 10-14 days so apparently we were bitten up at this hostel and didn't realize until we returned home. Luckily it looks like we didn't bring bugs home with us. I have about 40 bites on one arm - to give you an idea. I contacted the hostel but they did not email me back.

January 2011
Never had bites there,,,,but brought them home to Canada :(

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