Polynesian Plaza
2131 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-2320

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Stayed here in late 2010. Not long after arrival started developing lots of bumps on my back and arm, which bled. Noticed blood spots on my sheets as well. Initially figured I was getting bitten by sand fleas at the beach or something (though they're not normally in Hawaii). Staff during my stay also mysteriously needed to have pest control visit all rooms, though they insisted it was simply "standard." Long story short, I definitively had bed bugs with me after I left -- only place I could have

gotten them was here, and in hindsight had all the signs.

Mainly disappointed that staff wasn't more up front about potential problems so that I could have recognized the early signs and gotten things adequately treated. As a result, I likely got bit a *lot* more than was necessary and a lot longer than was necessary, and then took them with me as well.

I sort of understand Hawaii's hotels wanting to keep bed bugs quiet, but in the long run, it's far better to let people know what to look for and cut off problems early rather than let them grow due to secrecy. It's months later and I'm still trying to get rid of all the buggers that hitchhiked with me from here.

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