Pacific Beach Hotel
2490 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI

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On 11/11/14 we checked in to the pacific beach hotel and upon arrival did not get a smoking room that was requested 4 months prior so was put in a non smoking room for the night the next day we moved all are luggage to a smoking room woke up the next morning with severe bed bug bites reported it to the manager they ask if I would like to see a doctor but wanted me to claim it on my insurance and I felt that was unrealistic so they moved me to the pent house suite which was just another regular o

utdated room that was also a non smoking room in which I would have to go all the way down to the parking garage to smoke which was a huge hassle on top of the 10-15 big bites everyone on the beach was staring at all day which was very embarrassing then told me they would have a pest control agency do a thorough inspection and give me a copy of the results the following day so that if it was infested I wouldn't take all my luggage home to infest my home. The following day I called the manager and ask what the results were she told me they were not at liberty to tell me and when I ask what the hotel policy was she snurkeld and said she couldn't give me that either so I spent the rest of my dream vac taking antibiotics and putting ointments on instead of enjoying my 8000 dollar trip ppl please read the reviews and make smart choices and please do not stay at pacific beach hotel Honolulu Hawaii they take no responsibility for there mistakes and trust me u do not wanna spend your beautiful tropical vacation being ashamed and embarrassed also if any one has Is in room 3125 be extremely careful because it has to be dangerously infested for as many bites as me and my wife recieved

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After reading the reports from this site and, I was aware that this place might have bedbugs. My family had already paid for the room, so we were pretty much committed to staying at this hotel. Being aware that there could potentially be bedbugs, we asked the front desk if they could give us a room with no prior history of bedbugs, the response we got was 'there is no way for us to know the history of the rooms'(I'm pretty sure they do). So we went to our room and di

d a full inspection while keeping our luggage on the balcony. We found a dead bedbug in the sheets and little spec stains on the box spring. We contacted the front again and spoke to a different woman, who was very nice and understanding. She told us that she was going to move us to a different room in the next tower that had just been fumigated 10 days prior (this didn't really make me feel much better). While approaching the new room, there was a man a few rooms down with a white tank with a small hose, which looked like pesticide (couldn't say for sure). Once again, we kept the luggage out on the balcony while we did the inspection, this room turned up clean, we even used the blow drying along the headboards. Regardless of finding nothing, my brother and I kept our luggage on chairs on the balcony for our entire stay of one night, and my parents kept theirs on luggage racks inside. When we woke up, no one had bites. needless to say, we didn't sleep all that great.

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I recently stayed in this hotel for a week. (Feb 2012) I had read reviews online that had complaints about bed bugs but as the trip was booked as a gift and I did not choose the hotel, I choose to go and be as vigilant as possible. Before going on the trip I read up online on how to check for them, and upon arriving at the hotel I checked the necessary areas. While staying at the hotel I was not able to detect anything, but a day after flying home red welt marks began appearing on my arm. Appare

ntly the bites can show up a few days later. My cousin that I was staying with in the same hotel room was sleeping in the other bed and shortly after going home to a different city discovered she had the same bites. This hotel absolutely has bed bugs do not ignore the complaints.

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Thank you for the warning. I do think that sometimes they treat but that doesn't mean they get them all!

July 22, 2011
My daughter awoke me with "I think there is a bed bug in my bed right below my face". Sure enough the room had bed bugs. Apparently this room was treated 10 days prior to for bed bugs and they were still there. The hotel moved us to another room in the newer tower and offered medical care, laundry and sprayed the luggage.
Apparently they have guests report bed bugs once a month or so.

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