OHANA Maile Sky Court
2058 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI

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Update to previous entry - Ohana Maile Sky Court now Castle Maile Sky Court did finally make this situation as right as possible. After taking pictures of the bites and telling my husband there wasn't anything they could do since the house keeper and security gaurd didn't find evidence of any bugs, the general manager called in the morning and they moved my husband to a new hotel, had Orkin treat the clothes and suitcases and they filed an insurance claim which my husband had to be party to. Gro

ss situation but the hotel did make it as right as possible.

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We woke up early one morning and saw a bedbug run across my husband's chest into the sheets. We squashed it which left blood stains on the sheet. Looked online and verified it was indeed a bedbug and immediately reported it to hotel management which agreed to launder our clothes and suitcases and move us to a different room only to wake up the next morning to have my husband covered with over 40 bites. When we reported this to the hotel they said they would not do anything more for us unless the

y could detect the presence of bedbugs. They sent up security to check the bed. Hotel security for bedbugs? At first they seemed attentive to the issue but when it happened a second time they said there was nothing they could do. We have reported this to the Hawaii health department as well. This happened on 5-26-09 and 5-27-09 in rooms 1511 and 1711.

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