Miramar at Waikiki
2345 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI

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I stayed at the Miramar, in Waikiki earlier this month, May 2012, and was bitten by bedbugs. I didn't realise what they were till I got home and googled images of bedbug bites. So I didn't have to confront management. They must have been in the pillow, because the bites are on the right side of my face and neck.

December 13, 2011.

I stayed at the Miramar for 6 days and every evening at 2:00 or so I wake up itching. I never saw a bedbug but recieved medical attention and a doctor confirmed that he was "99.9% sure" they were bedbug bites. I was prescribed two different medications for the extensive red, swollen and itchy bites.

Even more distressing was the treatment I recieved by the hotel's management. When I alerted them to the problem and asked if I would be compensated for my experience, I w

as met with with nothing but accusations, stonewalling and blame from the manager. She said it was an allergy to my sunscreen or to the ocean water! Even with a copy of my medical visit and the Doctor saying over the phone his diagnosis, I was still not listened to.

I would rather sleep with those bedbugs than to ever have to deal with the hotel magagement again. I have not recieved any compensation or apology and had a terrible experience at the Miramar. Consumer beware!

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